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Getting more done in less time: An experiment by a content creator

It's usually tough to manage Content creation and other responsibilities in life. Be it college or a job or family time. And the truth is I can't manage it. There I said it! The greatest challenge I have faced in this content creation journey is consistency!

If you are a content creator I am sure you know that "Consistency is key for growth!". I usually fail to realize that not all content creators have similar circumstances. So this experiment is obviously going to be tailored around my circumstances. I am sure you can tailor it to yourself very easily once you finish reading this.

The Problem:

The biggest problem is the lack of time. This might be similar to most but the reasons behind them would be different. In my case, College work (I am also an Engineering student), Internship work (I Intern as an Editor), Socializing time, And most important Family time. These are the things that take up almost all the time.

None of these categories are avoidable. So need to find time out of this!

What Do I Plan To Do!

The major reason I procrastinate while making content is that I tend to always push the smaller tasks ahead and do not prioritize properly. I always underestimate the time it takes to meet the weekly deadline. So, I end up not uploading most of the time. And that naturally affects the consistency (The main problem).

So my curious mind went to the internet and looked for a way through this. That's where I got to know about the concept of batching.

Batching is exactly what it sounds like. Having multiple outputs in one flow.

So what exactly will I do? Taking the example of the blogs.

When I did the 30 Day challenge of blog writing, I was able to write a blog every day. But since I started doing other things, I decided to post one blog a week. Which made sense. But I took that posting schedule as my writing schedule. Because even though I was doing other things I still had the capability of writing one blog a day. When I started posting a blog a week I even started writing slow and ended up always procrastinating.

With this new plan, I am using my ability to write one blog a day to the weekly posting schedule. But I obviously don't have the time to write one blog a day every day. So the goal will be to write 3 blogs a week every second week. So that I always have a blog ready for the next week. With this system, I'll even have the time to write themed blogs and have much more time to ideate.

#ItsAnExperiment So not very sure how this will work. But right now this is my second blog for this week.

Other applications:

I am planning to use this technique on my Instagram videos too. I am facing some problems with that because Instagram videos take a lot more time to be made. But I am sure there is nothing that a bit of practice can't help!


This technique is used by many successful creators and entrepreneurs. I really hope this helps you! If you have any thoughts on this let me know in the comments! Also If you have any more suggestions of the things I can read on productivity do let me know!

I'll see you next week!


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1 commentaire

2433 Resham Gholap
2433 Resham Gholap
04 avr. 2021

Thanks for the idea💯 hope it works for me.💥

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