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To-Do lists! My real secret for getting things done.

It's really funny to think how certain simple things can solve the biggest of problems. When it comes to the subject of living a conscious life, major problems have their solution embedded in the most fundamental things. If you make one small change (and be consistent with it!) you can easily solve huge problems.

Now, I don't want to sell to you the importance of making a To-do list. If you read my blogs you might be already knowing what a To-do list is and what it does. You may look at it as a tool for a productive lifestyle or the other side, where you feel it makes life predictable, making you feel bad about yourself, maybe it feels forced! And I hear you.

In this blog, I want to share my experience with to-do lists and the reason why I find it a necessity.

My Thoughts

As I said earlier, Most of the major problems can be solved by a few fundamental changes.

The major problem I face as a content creator is procrastination. There are many reasons why I procrastinate. Like, not having any ideas, Netflix seducing my brain with interesting new movies, and basically wanting to do anything else but what I should be doing.

At least that's what I thought were the reasons. I tried many things to stop all those reasons to come up again and again. I used to lock my Netflix account, I used to make sure I don't do anything else for a certain amount of time and stuff like that. That really felt like I was forcing myself to act a certain way. So, I went deeper with the question of, "How the people who are successful and have a certain productive routine make it happen? Don't they think their life is very forced?"

The conclusion I made from my whole research was, They don't feel forced and keep up with the routine is because they are constantly driven by a purpose. And I was like "Even I have a purpose why do I forget about it when I waste time?" That's how I understood what my problem was. If I don't remind myself of the goals that I have to do, how will I feel the drive to even do them? It's easier to overpower a thought in your mind, but it's slightly difficult to overpower written words.

We all have expectations and they change depending on the circumstances. So, it's quite natural to have low expectations from ourselves when we are watching Netflix. When you wake up in the morning we all have that new day vibe! We feel anything is possible and that is actually true! Write down all the things you feel are possible at that time. Keep that list in front of you the whole day. What it does is constantly remind you of your goals which makes it less likely for you to procrastinate.

All of this can also be done on a day-to-day basis. I have my daily chores on that list because I know if I don't, there is a high chance I'll forget about it.

I hope you understood the thought behind making a To-do list. It takes time to get used to it, but once you get the hang of it, it's a very powerful tool!


This was my attempt to portray the thought behind why people make To-do lists. This is why I make them. If you have any other thoughts behind your reasons for making a to-do list do let me know!

This was fun! I'll see you next week!

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