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Self-confidence, When everything seems possible!

Reflection on our behavior is the first and most vital step when it comes to self-development. I personally do that by journaling every day. It's important because sometimes these reflections reveal something about yourself that wasn't known before. One of those reflections is the source of today's blog.

This piece is about this certain feeling I had or more like an experience I had a few weeks ago.

I am sure you have watched at least a few motivational videos be it on youtube or any other platforms. Whenever we are done watching them, we feel this certain motivation or a drive to do something! It's a mindset shift. Now if you are anything like me, that motivation lasts only for the next 15 minutes. But have you ever considered, if you can go in that mindset for 15 minutes, it means that you are capable to be in that zone and it's also possible to train your mind to stay in that zone longer?

Because I did! And currently, I am trying to train my mind to be in that zone longer.

"But which zone Amey? "

Good question!

I had a feeling of self-confidence after reading the book "Personality isn't permanent".

That book triggered a part of my mind which somehow made me feel more confident and that anything was possible. It may be something in that book that resonated with me at that moment, but I felt that mindset switch. My mind had entered a different kind of state. A mindset that I now know exists within me!

This raised a question in my mind...

Does this mean we all have a certain mindset or perspective that exists within us that makes us confident and it's just that we need to find the right triggers for it?

We all sometimes just accept the way we I am a lazy person, I always run away from feelings or conflicts, I just can't do a certain thing, I am this way only and always have been, and many more!

From the book "Personality isn't permanent", The most important lesson the author is trying to pass on is,

"Your past doesn't define your personality. Your current personality should be according to the way you perceive your future-self to be"

Don't settle on the version you are right now if you are not happy with it. You are not stuck, you are just not looking for that trigger, that door that would take you out of it.

I reflected on the triggers that could have caused me to feel that self-confidence. There could have been many other triggers. I tried to list them out.

Firstly that book ("Personality isn't permanent") and its content, Maybe the fact that I had a perfect week like I woke up early, I did not miss my routine stuff, I was reading every day, I uploaded all my content, and still had a lot of energy left. There could have been many more reasons.

What do I plan to do?

I find experimenting with such topics truly amazing because even if I fail at them, I would be a little more productive than I was earlier. This time I am going to try to have a fulfilling and meaningful routine. Maybe it was the balance of work and me-time that triggered the self-confidence.

That means, I need to complete all my content creation work, I need to stick to habits like reading, meditation, exercise (This surprisingly gives the most satisfaction), take initiative when it comes to friends and family, and of course, take out time for family, and take out time for myself. I believe I have enough time to do everything if I manage time properly.

My quest for that mindset will keep going! I'll try out different proportions of all the things I listed above.

Maybe living a meaningful life gives us that self-confidence!

Let's find out!


This thought really grabbed my attention and I just knew I need to think a bit in-depth on it. Well, This blog was my reflection on that thought. I am not sure how viable this is. Here's where you come in. Let me know what you think about it. Does it make sense or I just wrote a whole blog on a regular thought? XD

Thanks for reading! I am really grateful for a reader like you!

See you next week!


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1 Comment

Nischal Kadel
Nischal Kadel
May 16, 2021

I really like your intellectual blogs. Leaves a person thinking for long. Keep it up! I am sure you will find your answers pretty soon!✨

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