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Anything is possible: How to achieve anything!

Yes! You read the title right! When is the last time you had this feeling that anything is possible! Isn’t it the best feeling? When you think you can be anyone you want. Something which may have come to your mind when you achieved something important. This weird spur of confidence that flows through your body! When your eyes widen both literally and to the view of possibilities.

At this point, you are already halfway there to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Exactly! half-way there! The thing about achieving anything is half the war is just believing that it is possible. I know it’s probably weird to quote an animated movie here but there is this amazing line in that movie:

There is no secret ingredient. It’s just you”

-Kung fu Panda

Believing in yourself that achieving anything is possible sure isn’t the only thing that is necessary, but it is a good starting point on a route to achieving it. Even Po (the panda in the movie) could not have beaten the villain just because he was the dragon warrior. He had to train too. Harder than any other fighter. His destiny was not defeating the villain it was making him believe in himself that he could! I do not know if animated movie references work for you, but I hope you understand the point here. Self-belief is like fuel for a rocket! A rocket that is about to make something impossible possible. Clearly, the rocket needs more than just fuel to fly. So, let us just talk about that.

Now we are clear that achieving anything is a two-part process, the first part is believing and the second is DOING. Just like Po had to train and the rocket needs actual physical parts that it needs to fly. Now we will talk about the real stuff, the stuff that can be seen on the outside. The actual work that goes into making anything possible. I can tell you one thing though, writing about it is a million times simpler than doing it. Even what I am writing now is a part of the physical work that I am doing to get better at writing. Even I have a long way to go but I am here to talk about my realizations on this topic.

The most important thing that I realized is that if something must be achieved a high level of commitment has to be made. This is something I guess everyone is aware of. But I went a little deeper into this very concept and came up with a few key points that are necessary to be kept in mind when you are working towards a goal.

1. Anything is possible if the purpose behind doing it is strong enough. If something has to be done for materialistic wants, then it’s not going to be possible. The purpose is everything. What does that goal mean to you? Why do you want to achieve it? If you can answer these questions and be satisfied with it then my friend, you are almost there! Achieving anything requires work to be done and all kinds of work demand all kinds of commitments and if you have a strong enough purpose then commitments won’t be an issue and if commitments are not an issue it means that you are ready to put in your blood and sweat into it.

2. Sometimes lack of resources can make you feel that it is out of reach: But my friend, who told you that the work for achieving that goal starts AFTER the resources show up? No, Your work starts with figuring out where you can get those resources. What could you give to get those supplies, what work are you ready to put in to get those supplies decides your level of commitment towards the goal! Make phone calls, ask for help, save up money. Just do not give up! Nothing is ever out of reach.

3. It is important to look at the goal not as a whole but in steps, baby steps. Sometimes the volume of the work to be done for a certain goal can make you feel overwhelmed and might just de-motivate you. You got to know this, not everything has to be done right away. There is a right time for everything. Make a proper list of the order of tasks. Break the bigger tasks into small bits. When you do that the main purpose should be to complete those tasks rather than the main goal it leads to. This brings us to an incredibly important point.

4. Enjoy the wins on smaller tasks. The main goal is far away, but that does not mean you will only be allowed to be happy when you achieve it. The point is to enjoy the journey or else what is the point of being in it. Understand the fact that life is way more than that. Sure, this might be your life goal for which you are working right now but nothing is more important than enjoying what you do.

5. The greatest factor in this process would be time! Learn to embrace it and do not waste it and you have won the other half of the battle. Time is something we cannot ever ignore. This guy is everywhere and always will be. Make him your friend and you will achieve greatness. I cannot talk enough about the importance of time management in this blog, maybe that is a topic for a different blog altogether.

So yeah! All I can ask you is, are you ready to make the impossible possible? Just like I have, I am sure many of you have faced a big goal to be achieved. Tell me about it! I would love to read about your experiences with goal setting and the process that you took to achieve it. I will be waiting for your reply in the comments section. Summary: ● The lack of belief that something is impossible is the greatest culprit. ● Anything is possible if the purpose behind doing it is strong enough. ● If something has to be done for materialistic wants, then it’s not going to be possible. There must be a deep underlying sense of purpose for the goal. ● Break down each and everything in smaller and doable task ● The main purpose should be to complete those tasks rather than the main goal it leads to. ● Sometimes the lack of resources makes it seem impossible, but the question is how badly you can do something to get those resources. ● The greatest enemy and the best friend in this process would be time! Learn to embrace it and not waste it and you have won half the battle. ● It is a commitment! If the purpose is that strong then commitment should not be an issue! (This is the other half of the battel).

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