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"Who am I?" At every step!

Who am I? Is the kind of question we ask ourselves every time. We ask this when we are in solitude. We ask this when we are about to make a big decision. We all know that our choices define us. Then why are people so disconnected from themselves?

In today's fast-paced technology and the social media-driven world, we have lost contact with someone who is most important, OURSELVES. There are so many stimulating things around us that most of our actions are just reactions to things.

Oh, I will do this particular thing because nowadays that is what gets the most likes, or that is what PEOPLE like the most!

I should have given a better example XD, but you get the point.

All our actions are just reactions to external stimuli. We are driven by external force and day after day we are being more disconnected from ourselves and forgetting our values.

Okay, Amey! you want us to get connected with ourselves and understand our values! BUT HOW?

Good Question!

All the legends in any field became legends because they did not let the opinions of others cloud their vision. How can you expect a different result if you do something everyone does? We all are unique and we all have a different vision for tomorrow and believe it or not you will only achieve something different if you do something different.

Beware, there is a fine line between being a visionary and being arrogant. There is this amazing phrase my parents always told me,

Listen to everyone but do what you feel is right!

Ask yourself, Who am I? before doing anything and you will realize that you are more present and conscious about that task. People say, Our choices define us. Well, our choices are based on our values and our values are what define us. Don't let external forces manipulate your choices.

I had this realization yesterday, I made a video that was complete but I was not happy because it wasn't at the level of quality I wanted it to be at. I asked myself, Why does it bother me? And the answer I had for that is, I am a person who doesn't like a compromise in things where there is time and energy left to make it better. That made me more clear of what I wanted from it.

When you are about to do your next task, Ask yourself who am I and how I like things to be done? and you will gain more clarity for the task. Try it!


I feel this is a huge topic. I have more ideas and concepts that play an important role when it comes to connecting with ourselves and being aware of our own values. I will have to collect my thought on that. So for today that's it. This was day 27 of the 30-Day Challenge! And I'll see you all tomorrow!


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