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The Innocence in Passion!

Today money is driving our world. Nothing is possible without it. The first priority for everyone is Money. I mean that is the reality! At a young age, kids have dreams above and beyond imagination because they are not aware of this reality. They are innocent and everything they do and everything they learn is with an outlook of pure experience.

As we grow up, Firstly we get introduced to all the worries of the world and we meet the concept of money and we learn how without money we are nothing. We get introduced to this pool of opinions, Be it our parents or a distant relative. As the years add to our age, we get more and more aware of the norms. We get to see all the hardship faced by those who worked for their passion and we also see people who look happy on the outside following the norms of the world but inside just feeling unfulfilled.

These lead to adding filters on our vision and our dreams. We start to put logic and reason into them. We tell ourselves reasons to do or not do something based on other people. That's how we lose the innocence we had as kids.

It's not just money, People are so hungry for attention and validation of others in the world, they stop doing what they like and start doing what other's might like. They set expectations for themselves which they THINK people have and since these expectations are unrealistic they just lose interest in the passions. A sense of pressure fills their heart as soon as they think about it.

Wow okay, Now let me tell you how I am trying to cope up with this! Yes, I am personally a victim of these unrealistic expectations. What I am trying to do is to be at my own pace. I know if I get in the flow of anything I can work a lot faster and efficiently. The most important change, Bring back innocence. Stop worrying about what the future of this has for me. I'll admit it's really scary going down this path, But I started on this path because I was passionate about it. I loved making stuff without thinking about how this might affect my future.

This guy thought anything was possible!

So yeah! That's what I am gonna do. I want to follow these lines:


At the end of the day, The only way to get better at something is by doing something unconditionally. Be that younger version of yourself see the possibilities without a filter, the rest would take care of itself!


This was Day 29 guys! 1 Day to go! Can't believe we got through it! Thank you all! and I'll see you all tomorrow!


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