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The 2-day rule: How to not break consistency


How Many times have you started out a new habit? I'll do exercise every day, I'll wash my own dishes, etc. And after a few days without you even realizing it, you are not doing it anymore. How did that even happen? I go through this a lot. But shamelessly I take up more habits and challenges every time I fail at one. I have had so many failures throughout the history of me trying to be a better person. Some examples are more recent than you can imagine.

Life is full of unpredictable scenarios. Some of it we just can't control. And forming habits in this mess seems difficult because consistency really matters. Somehow I always failed to realize to form a habit it's not necessary to do it every day, it means to do it frequently with the same enthusiasm. Which brings us to the topic of this blog. THE 2-DAY RULE.

What is the 2-Day Rule?

Our goal is to stay consistent. Not to break the streak. What if one day you get so much work that the idea of doing that habit just goes out of your mind. You forget all about it and later when you crash on your bed with zero energy you realize you didn't do the habit activity. The next morning when you wake up you got that time to do the habit but now you say "I'll do it later because I have all the time I need". You push it to the end of the day and when the time comes you are too exhausted to do it and you skip one more day. And this is how the downfall starts. This continues and sooner or later you realize you are not doing it anymore.

Now many will say the streak did not continue because he had a lot of work that day. While many people fail to understand the reason the streak broke off, it was that he did not do it the next day. That's what the 2-Day Rule is. Not to skip the activity 2 days in a row. The goal is to always come back to it. So yeah to put it simply, "Don't skip a habit 2 days in a row."

More on the 2-Day Rule

I got to know about this 2-Day rule a few months back when I saw this video by Matt D'Avella

Do check out his video for further information. If you really are into self-development you need to watch his videos.

This was Day 8. Writing in the morning again. The day really goes pretty smoothly once I finish writing. Tried to make the blog a bit more concise today. I definitely need more work in that department. Alright! See you all tomorrow!


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