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Stuff that I am currently reading!

After writing about the things I usually think about, I feel you guys should know where I get those ideas from. My thoughts and ideologies are heavily based on the things I read.

After reading my past blogs, If you guys still continue to read them then I guess you are a bit like me, Constantly trying to be better than yesterday. And my reading habit is pretty similar to that. Unlike a majority of the people my age, I like to read self-help books. Many feel it's the same obvious things said in different ways by different authors. Well, It's true. Even I feel so. In addition to that thought, I also feel that every human being has a different way of thinking.

Now, Just FYI, I have recently got into the habit of regular reading. I personally did not like to read earlier, but in recent times I am quite regular with it.

So, Currently, I am reading two books. Technically reading one and listening to the other.

The Innovators By Walter Isaacson

This book is not really a self-help book. It's a compilation of the life stories of people who were involved in the digital revolution. The rise of computers. It talks about bright minds such as Eva Lovelace, Allan Turing, Steve Jobs, just to name some. I am really enjoying it as light reading as I am getting to know the history of a machine without which I can't survive, both creatively and professionally.

Think like a monk by Jay Shetty

I am sure many are aware of this book. Currently, I am listening to it on audible. I listen to it whenever I am doing some daily chores, or walking around the house. This is really helping me shape the way I think and he very beautifully writes how can a person actually think like a monk living in the modern world.


I hope you found this information helpful. I will regularly try to update you guys about the books I am reading. Right now, I have two books on my reading list after this. (1) The four hour work week (2) Anything is possible.

This was really nice to share my readings with you all! This was Day 12. I'll see you all tomorrow!

DAY (12/30)

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