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Stepping Back: A Necessary Move

We all get lost sometimes. We tend to feel stuck, maybe because of others, but mostly it's just us. Stuck under our own expectations, order, systems, overthinking. It starts to feel we are surrounded by all the problems, and there is no way out. I have come to this understanding that this is a very common way to address problems that involve mental pressure or stress.

And that is when it's necessary to take a step back. I had always been against the idea of stepping back. It felt like I am losing progress. It felt like I was giving in to my comfort zone. Not trying hard enough.

I remember it was the 1st of December 2020 when I felt this sudden thrust of disappointment flow through my body because I felt I was not trying hard enough. I wasn't growing at the rate I wanted to. I started making plans for the month of December with plans even more extreme so that I could at least make up for some of the time I wasted throughout the year.

Now check this out, At the end of finishing the plan, I tore up the sheet in frustration and threw it away. The pressure that I felt was something I was putting on myself. And in that frustration decided to just stop everything I am doing FOR A MONTH! I took a step back.

'"The zone" is enjoyable. But when that joy becomes an obsession, one becomes disconnected from life.' - Moonwind (Pixar : Soul)

Humans are funny, everyone thinks they are the center of the universe. If I do or stop doing something the earth will rotate the other way. When in reality, nobody cares. NOBODY. And I was the kind who thought he was the center of the universe. I was ready to see that all the people who follow me on Instagram, unfollow because I did not post for a month. I was ready to explain to everyone why I haven't been posting for a month if they call in worry. I was ready!

I logged in again on 1st January 2021. I had lost 6 followers. I had got no calls. When I posted my first video of the year, A lot of people commented. And moved on. What felt like a major decision for me of not posting anything meant nothing. I felt a little sad at the start, Later I was so happy I was wrong. I understood the frustration I felt was self-imposed. In December month I took up new skills , felt way calmer, and rejuvenated myself. Ready for one more year!

The lessons

If your frustrations are related to the outside world even by a small proportion, guess what! NOBODY CARES. You are the controller of your own life. You should understand who are the ones that matter. The close ones, your parents, siblings, best friends. Be free to be yourself. If you feel under stress, it's okay to take a break. Take your own time. This competition called life is not about speed but persistence.

And trust me it was tough for me to accept this fact.


I hope you all understood what I was trying to say! Wrote something after a very long time!

Give me some blogs to get into the habit again! XD

I hope you found this helpful. I'll see you all next week!


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It’s Nick
It’s Nick
Jan 07, 2021

Happy new year!


Reeha Parkar
Reeha Parkar
Jan 06, 2021

Wonderfully written, and a relatable topic. Great work!


Akshay Karhade
Akshay Karhade
Jan 04, 2021

See now that is a bang on start for the year!

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