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My sources of Motivation: 5 Youtubers that motivate me to work hard!


I had read it somewhere that "You are what you consume". Be it food or content or knowledge or ideas. This was a year ago when I read this and I remember the day most vividly because that was the day I had unfollowed all the meme pages on my Instagram account. This was just the first layer of cleaning my Instagram feed.

The next round was for anything that first I thought was helpful for me but really wasn't. I took those words partially seriously though. I still do consume content which is basically no use for me but that's "coz I am only human" XD (if you get it you get it.)


Being a person whose most used app after Instagram is youtube, I had to change what I consumed there and especially there because compared to Instagram youtube has more longer form of content and hence if I select a random video I lose the next 20 minutes very easily. IF I stop at one video in that chain, which rarely happens.

So on my mission to make my online content consumption as value-adding as possible I started watching some YouTubers. Now, these are not just the only YouTubers that motivate me, but these are the ones that make me wanna work harder.

The Youtubers

These are not in a specific order:

Matt D'Avella

(The minimalistic guy)

Thomas Frank

(The teacher)

Ali Abdaal

(The natural)

Nathaniel Drew

(The guy in search of the deeper meaning)

Better than yesterday

(He makes the complex things look simple)

*the subtitles to them are what I think about them nothing specific XD.


I didn't talk much about these guys in this blog because I have a Youtube video (LINK) talking about some of them. I really felt like mentioning all of them again because when I referenced Matt D'Avella in my last blog I felt you guys really need to check out the places I actually learn everything from. These guys are professionals and they'll probably explain to you things way better than me. But I will get there! One step at a time. I don't want you guys to wait till then. So go check it out and learn as much as you can because, in the end, you are what you consume. Everything is in your control believe it or not.

This was day 9 of the 30-Day writing challenge. I feel I am getting better at making things more concise and removing things that are not important. If you are reading these regularly, Please try contacting me or just comment down here what you feel about the progress.

See you all tomorrow!

DAY (9/30)

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