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How to use a bad thing in your favor to stick to habits!

If I ask you this question... When does a human really feel happy? Some may say when they buy the latest gadgets, or when they finally buy that car which many people were excited about. Or when they finally take that wonderful trip to a different country and then live it once more when they post their photos on social media. Or something or the other. And you'd be lying if one of these is not on your list. Humans really care what other people think about them. If you think you don't come in that category...Again, you'd be lying.

Everyone is making most of their decisions to keep up with the current norms of society. Which for a fact is a major reason for more and more people living in the in-debt lifestyle. Where they are constantly repaying loans and EMI's to the banks and shamelessly continuing this cycle. I guess by now you might have understood the level people could go to, to have what society deems them to have. Isn't this a big deal! Now you may ask how can this possibly be used to stick to a habit?

Well, let me ask you a question. Would you like someone to think you are incapable of something? Would you like someone to think you are a loser? I really hope your answer to this is a NO because this technique kinda only works if that's the case.

Find yourself an accountability partner

So what's an accountability partner? Well, your accountability partner is someone who knows that you are trying to stick to a habit and he/she basically helps you stay on track. Telling someone you feel is important that you are tryna change for good, makes you feel accountable for it, and also that person who is probably super proud of you will give you extra motivation and encouragement to keep working on it. I personally used my brother as my accountability partner during my 30-Day youtube challenge and he had a big role in helping me finish that challenge! Currently, I have an accountability partner who meditates with me every day making sure we both stay on track. You can use other methods like posting it on social media that you are trying to do a challenge hence you try to keep at it for the sake of your reputation. And that's exactly what I am doing right now XD.

I know this blog wasn't much but trust me this was all at the moment as there are only 20 minutes for this day to end. I did not write anything this morning because I couldn't think of anything. But I guess that is what this challenge is all about. Coming up with stuff, keeping the thinking strong and active even when there are only 30 minutes to write a blog. Woah! This feels good! Alright, see you guys tomorrow!

DAY (4/30)

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