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YOU are never alone: Solitude, A tool most needed for this generation

In today’s world, we find ourselves in constant pressure be it external expectations or self-built pressures which are not necessary for any given situation. We have started to see our lives from other people’s point of view which blurs our own self-image. We have stopped thinking with our minds. The problem here sounds absurd and many of us haven’t ever even taken it into consideration. The problem here is we don’t know the kind of gifts and demons we hide in ourselves! Now many would consider this as a spiritual way of thinking and turn away from their screens. It sure is spiritual but I feel that is the fundamental need in today’s world with constant judgments, expectation and all in all the race for survival.

Has anyone ever said to you to just do what you feel like doing? I am sure everyone has heard it at some point in their life or the other. No doubt, in the moment you told them what you felt like. But who can guarantee that it was 100% what you felt like?

People are getting more and more socially conscious nowadays, even their own thoughts are filtered according to it. Honestly, that is my least concern when it comes to solitude. Now, this is a tough pill to swallow but in today’s date, people don’t even know themselves!

But Amey, that’s a weird allegation to put on people you may wonder…

Well, tell me when the last time was when you were with yourself? The time you had no distractions around and really thinking what YOU want, without that social filter?

“Uggh Amey, I always do that, and I call that overthinking! That’s why I avoid being alone as I feel like it just creates more problems.”

To that I would say, I can understand.

But it’s important for you to know that there are two ways of using the “me time”. The bad way (overthinking the situation) and the good way (understanding the situation). What’s the difference and how can one practice it differently.


Let me define overthinking and see if I get it right. Overthinking is an act where you are in a state of mind where you constantly think about one single thing over and over again, maybe sometimes add a few changes to see a different result, where the conclusion is most of the time you feeling bad about it.

**This definition is completely based on my experience and the ones I heard from other’s experiences. **

(If you have anything to add to it let me know in the comments)

And coming to solitude,

The biggest difference is, unlike overthinking you don’t think of a specific situation, solitude is somewhat like a conversation with yourself. Where you step back from the fast running world and just calmly ask yourself “Bro, you okay? What do you need? Are you happy?” During that conversation you don’t belong to anybody and no one is yours. Everything is quiet, what you hear and what you say then is nothing but only the honest of your feelings. So, to put it in order, solitude is a state of mind when you get to know yourself. Without any social filters. Complete honesty.

It’s obvious that solitude is a necessary tool in each and everyone’s life. But I still have a list of advantages of practicing solitude.

Solitude is important as it helps make clearer decisions.

The main goal of solitude is to really get to know ourselves. Nowadays, we have social media to distract or rather to avoid asking ourselves important questions. And since most of us don’t spend even a single minute with ourselves, it is now considered a rather normal way to live!

When we are in solitude the time rather feels to be running slow as we are disconnected from the world which results in giving us the peace and calm to make proper decisions with the right amount of thinking done about it!

I found this amazing video on Importance of Solitude in a person’s perspective about life and gives them a proper direction to make them feel content.

When you know yourself, you challenge it accordingly thus pushing yourself to your utmost potential.

When you know yourself, you behave like you are a team and not curse on your habits. Thus, achieving control which results in increase self-confidence and self-trust and you get to realize your self-worth. I see so many people around me who underestimate themselves and don’t even realize what they are capable of! Even I do that sometimes but that is when I realize I need to have a talk with someone who is most important in this situation! Someone who will guide me through all the mess, someone I must spend literally my whole life with! He knows me best as he was with me from the very start and he will be there till the very end! And that is ME!!

In conclusion, I would like if you all spend time with yourself! Don’t be afraid to stay alone with your mind! Your mind can do lots of great things and you should know that. Yes, physical fitness is necessary for life but never forget your mind, as it also needs care.

As something Viktor Frankl said

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”


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