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When you can’t seem to go anywhere in life!

There was a time when I was so done with the concept of "goals" that I made sure I didn’t have any. I thought it would release some pressure that I had put on myself. Spoiler alert: it was never about having goals, but more about whether I achieved them or not.

Everyone has goals that they want to achieve. The thing about a goal is that it is more like an idea. It does feel like something that is achievable, but it seems more like a destination. For me, my goal is to run a marathon this year. It seems pretty straightforward, doesn't it? Well, it is! But the problem comes when I have to start because did I mention, I also want to post better videos on Instagram? Or that I must also give my all at my internship?Or that I have to do well in my engineering degree?

For you, it might look like getting in shape, writing a book, being better at public speaking, finding some direction in your career, etc. And you want to achieve all that while having all the things you have in your life right now. All your commitments, all your responsibilities, all your habits.

When we see the goal amongst all of our other responsibilities and expectations, even a small goal starts to feel like an abstract idea. And the truth is, we are always going to have other responsibilities as adults. We have to find a way to still have goals and achieve them so that we can be better versions of ourselves.


I wouldn't have written this blog if I didn't have some sort of solution for this (duh XD). So here is something that worked for me when it comes to making new goals and making them a reality.

Some of you may know that I am a big to-do list kind of guy. A to-do list works for me because I get a better idea of what needs to be done. I can set an order for it and plan out the day to make sure I get those tasks done in a less stressful and more efficient manner.

Amey, why did you suddenly highlight ‘tasks’?

Oh, you noticed it? Nice!

I highlighted the word "task" because that is the solution! Now if you can join the dots, then "woohoo, Smarty!" But if you didn’t, well, don’t stress, it’s probably because I didn’t write it very well.

I have come to the understanding that the only way to make goals a reality is to turn them into tasks. small chunks of achievable tasks. It’s that simple! But this whole conversion process does take some effort. It requires you to slow down a bit, assess the goal, and then break it into actionable steps.

Isn't it a simple solution? So why isn't everyone doing it? Because not everyone is taking the time to slow down for a bit. Day by day, it’s getting harder to slow down as our society seems to constantly accelerate. The acceleration is small, but it does exist. And with that, even our goals and ambitions are accelerating. We are seeing people achieve great things every day while we are still unable to get done what’s currently on our plate. This miscalibration in our thoughts and actions is what is causing most of the problems.

Also, to add a bit of detail to it, we always have this feeling of time running out, which just amplifies our worries and leads to even more miscalibration of our thoughts and actions. And for that, we need to slow down.

So next time you feel that you are not going anywhere in life, Just sit down and write your thoughts down. Try to assess the problems rather than cry over them. There is always a solution. All you need is the patience to analyze the problem and covert it into actionable steps to solve them.


I want to write more about the ticking bomb of age and the ways we can slow down to properly think and make reasonable decisions in life. That my friends will come in a future blog. Until then keep calm and achieve your goals.

I'll see you all next week!

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