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When to quit and why?

So yeah! I am failing an experiment! An Experiment I started when I wrote this blog.

If you are not going to read that one now, I tried to explain the whole experiment in that. It's something a lot of creators and entrepreneurs follow.

The techniques of Batching. It's basically trying to do similar things all at the same time to save time and effort on re-doing the important but time-consuming things.

(I have more details and examples in that blog! I'd recommend you to read that one before you go further!)

Cool! So moving on!

The thing is, I am not able to batch my content. I am doing alright with the blogs but not exactly how I planned it to be. But I am accepting it as a stepping stone. The real challenge I am facing is with the Instagram video. I am just not able to get stuff done there because I am not used to it yet.

Making videos is more time-consuming compared to writing blogs I get that. I have tried a few ways that are helping me get more ideas, so that's something good that has come out of this experiment. The production of the videos is where I am kind of lacking. So yeah! I am kinda stuck.

So, I decided to quit.

Haww Amey! How can you quit? Why would you give up?!


I am not quitting making videos, but batching them!

I have been trying to get a system in place for my Instagram videos for a very long time. I started batching very recently. It did not work as well. I came to realize that Instagram videos happen when I am spontaneous about them. How do you I know? Well, I have tried putting the whole thing in a proper system for a whole year now. I did not give up for a very long time. It was an experiment and I needed a lot of data before I could reach a conclusion.

Trust me, coming to this conclusion was not an easy task. It felt like I was giving up on myself. I don't like to give up. And I wouldn't have if I hadn't read the book "The Dip" By Seth Godin. This book talks about strategic quitting. The book is all about knowing when to quit and when to not! (My next blog is about something I am not giving up just yet).

The main motive behind writing this blog is to make you understand that even I have a hard time sticking to experiments. Sometimes, Things are better when they are not in a system.

But that doesn't mean you give up the discipline to create. I am quitting trying to put my Instagram videos into a production system. That does not mean, I will create only when I wish to create. I will always be consistent with my weekly uploads. I believe that helps my brain to stay on point creatively.

Maybe it's just not the right time to put all this into a system. Maybe I will give this one more try in the future because I love when I am in a constant flow. The constant creative creation is what excites me about my journey. But for now, the system has to wait.


If you're confused about what you just read, it's alright. It's just me saying, the experiment I had started did not work out. I am going to use that energy for something different now.

You may ask why am I even doing this? Well, because all this is just a part of a bigger plan. The real plan is to have freedom of time. But that's something we can talk about in a future blog!

Happy Sunday!


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