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When to not give up! My story with Youtube video creation!

I don't like to give up! I have tried a lot to stay consistent on youtube but somehow I just stop after a few weeks. I am sure each one of us goes through something like that in one way or the other.

I was pretty consistent last year from July to November. I posted every week! I was on fire! Back-to-back videos! But something happened and I suddenly didn't feel like uploading. I stopped in December and haven't made a proper youtube video ever since. I don't remember why suddenly all my motivation to create went away!

I gave myself the reason that I need to focus on a different platform. Or This is not the content I want to make. Or I am just wasting my time here. All these reasons felt very valid then. I thought it was a smart decision. Silly me.

But I always had the plan to work on my youtube channel. So I made it a priority to find the time to work on it. So I took a backseat for a while. I reflected on my mindset during the high motivation and after I stopped. Also if you don't me... I find reflection the best superpower humans have which is barely used! As I observed other creators and myself creating other content, I was trying to piece together what could have been the reason for that shift of mindset.

This is where daily journaling and meditation played a big role. They helped clear my mind and think more precisely.

After a few months of reflection on it, I realized, the lack of motivation leading to eventually me stopping may have caused due to two possible reasons.

1. Overthinking my content

If you are just starting out as a creator you need to understand and accept this.

"Quantity over quality for the first 100 videos."

It's very easy to give up in the beginning, thinking you are not good enough. Because the truth is "You are not good enough". But rather than getting better, we quit! What was the point of even starting then?

I started to overthink my content and thus producing less and less of it. I forgot why I had started this whole thing in the first place. I have been going through this same problem for the longest of time. And I believe this was a critical reason why I stopped.

2. No Reward System

(This might be somewhat of a personal opinion, listing it here because might help you!)

I had absolutely no reward system. I was consistent for almost 3 months and all I had to sense my growth was the streak and the numbers (Which are very few at the start to keep up with the motivation, at least for me). I had no internal reward system that would make me look at a bit of a long-term perspective.

But it also matters on what basis you reward yourself. It's easy to say "I'll reward myself this if I get 10K subscribers". Which is a goal a lot of creators might have. But when you make goals related to statistics, you will drown yourself in it. The rewards should be based on an entity that is completely dependent on you!

For me, the rewarding criteria would be the number of videos I make however it may be, however bad they perform. This way my hard work is visible and in my complete control. This makes the processes even more interesting and possible.

So this time! I have both of the points taken care of! The first one is something that will come internally, but the reward system is something I will pay more attention to. For example! If I stay consistent for 10 weeks, I will buy myself a new microphone! That will also improve the quality of the videos but also I will have something to work towards! Also, I really need a good microphone! XD


It's okay to take a backseat for a while. It helps you reflect on the issues and take proper decisions. Now, I am not sure if even this would work but it's all a part of a process. For me it's Youtube. For you, it might be art, Weight loss, Studies, anything you want to get better at.

When you start, Firstly, Don't care about what other people would think. You do your thing. And secondly, reward yourself properly! Even if it's a work of passion, rewards always make you feel good! Think about it!


So yeah! I am getting back on youtube! Starting from the first week of June. I'll post every week. If you like the topics on which I write on the blog you are gonna love the videos! Because I feel these topics should reach a wider audience and Video is a very good way to do it! I will be making videos on self-development and the creator's life.

My first video is going to be on this very topic! So if you wanna see the personality behind these blogs, Do watch the videos!

I will see you'll on the blog next Sunday!


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1 Comment

Nischal Kadel
Nischal Kadel
May 30, 2021

YYEEYYYY!!!Can't wait for the new videos ✨✨✨

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