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What Would Others THINK??

Things around us are a combination of thousands of processes. Each process has its own individual sections which does a specified job. Now, what if certain section of the process finds a different way to operate , What are the parameters that we check? Is the change suitable for the process, is the change bringing efficiency to the current way of process, and if that change has never been done before can we give a run to the process to CHECK if it's good or not and many such parameters.

But sadly we humans don’t work that way. Many people around us can’t stand change. Which is a very important situation to tackle for many creators out there..

I have seen so many people around me who have fantastic talent and potential which is clearly going to waste, and that too for one reason, and that is, Being over conscious about the outside world.They care what other people think about them and their work. The sad part about this is , the creators do not actually check how people react or think about their stuff they just assume it before doing anything.And that’s what bothers me the most.

How can they (creators) make firm decisions about not creating something based on mere assumption ?

It almost feels like they give up even before  starting and after that they blame the people, when the so called wannabe creators are the ones to blame. As they don’t realise that the real conflict is not outside but inside their brains!! Creators Should understand one simple thing,

The Real challenge is to do it the first time.


I visited Bhutan in may 2017 .Where I decided to document my journey in the form of Vlogs(BHUTAN VLOGS). I had made few Vlogs in the past but it was my first time vlogging with a complete Vlogging setup which included a tripod, a DSLR and a microphone . In short something that you can spot from a distance of 50 meters in a kids hand. Thus, I was attracting a lot of attention wherever I went. And you should know that when  you are Vlogging in the middle of a crowd attracting attention is not the best thing. Initially it was pretty hectic for me because I was not used to people looking at me while I record because whenever I picked up my camera I assumed someone was gonna come and stop me. And that’s why I did not pick it up among bigger crowds. But later on I was a little frustrated because I was missing out on content which was worth documenting just because I thought someone was going to come stop me. That’s when I decided to record until someone stopped me . But you guys won't believe what happened. Literally no-one came to stop me.and suddenly no one was staring at the gigantic setup I was carrying around. But the thing was, they were still staring , everywhere I went they were staring but this time things were different because I was the one not paying attention to them. I got all the shots needed without anyone stopping me once. That’s when it had clicked to me that,

It was all In my head!

After that experience now I

feel that i can tell you guys about it, because it's very simple you know, We just complicate things by assuming and overthinking the situation .

Another way to see this situations is that,

If you are a creator you should know that;

If you wanna be different you gotta act different , you gotta think different.

Creators should understand that if they wanna be above the crowd they have to be strong specially emotionally, creators tend to get affected by the outside world by their criticism which are normally known as HATERS. But the creator should know that people around you don’t like change and when they see you doing something they can’t ,and just because they have that same mental conflict they are not going to think twice before trying to pull you back to the same mindset they have.

If you dare to go for your dreams you should not let these small minded people be an obstacle in your way,

because your journey is way bigger and longer than they could ever imagine.These kind of people will always be there at all stages of your climb to your dream and it's your responsibility to believe in yourself and keep climbing. Just remember all these people are on the way up..and no-ones at the top, So you decide if you wanna stop or climb up the ladder to your destiny..

With that being said..Just start working on your stuff and keep LEARNING!!

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