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What is true growth?: Creator's edition

Being a creator, it's very easy to constantly think about the numbers and analytics to get a sense of growth. Though in recent times it was less for me when it came to Youtube but the sense of growth was something I couldn't feel. There was an increase of 2-3 subscribers per video, But my video making wasn't getting any better.

Last week I had a long call with a friend/mentor where I asked her how should I grow? And she gave importance to this one point:

If you want to have goals think of something which is all under your control.

Having the goal of getting a certain number of followers is very vague and in that scenario, you are still dependent on an entity that is the audience. The result is under your control only when you control the minds of the audience. And unless you are a hypnotist you can't do that.

So what can you do?

You can have goals that only you have full control over. And in the creator's life that only thing is his/her content. You have full control over it. Then why not have a goal that says "I won't miss a day of upload!" or " I would create a creator's lifestyle where I'll write down one idea every day!". The possibilities and goals are endless.

I personally had failed to understand the true meaning of growth. Subscribers and followers are also the signs of growth, no doubt, But that is not true progress. True progress is the skill that you display in front of the audience. Gaining credibility to your name through your work is anytime better than having more followers because we all know how easy it is to gain followers if that's all we want.

I always had this sense of being true to my skill and that's why never used the wrong ways to get followers. It's just that humans are never satisfied with what they have and Hi! I am human! when I crossed certain goals I always made the next ones. I was not aware that after some time it's not about the number. What's the point of the followers if you don't grow your skills?

So the new goal!

Be the best at what I do and be consistent with it!
Keep on Challenging my skills!

As a creator, this is by far the most important mindset change that I have faced. And all thanks to the people around me that made me realize it!


This was Day 26 of the 30-Day Challenge! The next few blogs will be on the creator's mindset. If you are a creator yourself then hop on and also share your views on it!

I'll see you all tomorrow!

DAY (26/30)

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