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What is too much?

This is a dilemma I have been facing for a very long time. What is too much? What exactly makes us feel we are crossing that threshold line? And if you are doing something good then how can there be even a threshold line? A limit? But there is.

It's really thrilling when you work on the edge of your capabilities. So you keep going! But suddenly after a moment, the things that gave you happiness start to feel bland. They feel like some kind of pressure and all the fun just fades away. I believe that's where we know we crossed the threshold value.

But if it were this simple why would I be even writing about it in the first place! Coz there is more!

If all this is true then why do people say "Sky is the limit", "Go beyond your limits", or "Get out of the comfort zone"? Why does it always feel that we can do more? And even if we do when do we understand that we have done enough?

Working hard and achieving things in life is addicting. It feels like a true accomplishment and a sense of worth is felt. Now tell me, Why would a person ever feel they are doing too much? And what if those people are just scratching the surface of their potential?

That brings me to the next question. Who decides our potential? A person who wants to keep working hard and be better and more skilled will always think his potential is never met. And history is a witness that only these kinds of people go into the Hall of Fame, become legends.

There is one more element to this, probably the most important of all. Happiness. It all comes down to that in the end. Are you happy? But I want to go into detail with this, so maybe some future blog!

But till then I would like you all to read this:


This was Day 20 of the 30-Day Challenge. I would love to know any thoughts you all might have about it. I feel many face this dilemma and I am trying to create a safe space so that we all can talk about it. So let me know in the comment section.

I'll see you all tomorrow!

DAY (20/30)

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