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What is "better"?: A personal challenge I face with content creation!

It's just soooo frustrating now! I mean I have been making content for almost a year now and I still face the same problems I faced in the first month.

The first time it happened!

When I first started making videos back in December 2019, I was doing the 30-Day challenge. It was going great, I was posting every day and it all seemed fun. Until...

Somebody commented "Hey Amey! The Videos just keep getting better!"

Now, You might think, That's a very weird way to flex! And trust me it ain't a flex. For a normal person, it says "The videos that you have been making are getting better". But what I read or I guess any other creator will read is "The videos you make from now on should be better than the current ones!". Suddenly a standard is made, which is good because that helps the creator develop but the pressure it brings with it is even more severe.

So what exactly is the problem?

The issue here is, there is always this invisible pressure on me to make better stuff. Though it pushes me into making new concepts and videos, it is not necessarily always a good thing. There was a time when I used to make three videos a week, then there was a time I used to make two videos in a week and now I make one video every 2 weeks.

Sure, I have more work nowadays and there is also college. But that is not what stops me from creating new videos. Every time I come up with a new concept for a video I always find it to be not good enough. I have literally shot and canceled 2 videos in the last 2 months because I did not want to make anything less.

A similar thing has been happening with blogs too. Any topic that I think I should write about seems to be not as good as the last one.

This in-turn gives two problems;

1) I lose the habit of writing thus reducing the quality of the blog.

2) I constantly feel like I am missing out on something.

Unfortunately, This Blog doesn't hold the ultimate solution to this problem. Sure, I know a few things that would come up as the solution like :

"Create what you like, don't care about what people think"


"The statistics on the post don't define your creativity"

And I agree with all of this...

But it's easier said than done. This issue is mostly physiological because it all depends on the mindset of the creator and to change a mindset maybe these words are a good start.

From now on, I am just going to post what I feel like. If it disappoints people then maybe they should unfollow and follow me back after a few years to see some amazing work. Because the work would not get better by trying to create better constantly but by constantly creating.


This is exactly the way I address my other problems in my journal. It's like a conversation with myself and by the end of it, I get a workable solution! Maybe next blog I'll write about how I write my journal regularly and how it actually helps me!

I hope this blog was clear and it helps all my fellow creators and I hope you realized that if you face the same problem you probably are not alone XD.


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