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Unexpected ease.

This is something that happened to me this morning. Okay, picture this, you have an exam for which you know you are a bit underprepared. You have a sudden tension in your body. Your heart races faster than usual but still, it's tough to breathe. You are shaking and it feels like you are heating up. Your mind is a proper mess as it feels like a beehive of thoughts.

So yeah, That was something I was feeling this morning. I had a viva exam on a subject that I find most difficult. I was sitting by my study table shaking my legs, tapping my fingers, and looking at the time as the clock was reaching closer to the exam time.

I knew I had to calm myself. I tried meditating for a bit, but the beehive was not ready to quiet down. Then I did something I usually don't do. To distract my mind I went and watered the plant that was kept on my study table. It had some dry leaves so I started tending to them, Felt like a real Gardner.

As I was doing it, I felt a gradual calmness throughout my body. I did not feel like I was heating up anymore. I felt at ease. It was surprising because of how quickly the feeling of calmness spread through me.

So yeah! By a plant, it would really help when you going through stressful work. It helped me!


I really don't know where I am going with this blog. It was fun sharing this experience. I will always remember this moment because I am documenting it in some way! Also gonna buy more plants for the study table!

Day 24 of the 30-day challenge! 6 days to go! This was quick! but I love writing now!

See you all tomorrow!


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