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Time and Location: Why it matters.

I was traveling the whole day today. Was trapped in a car for almost 8 hours. But I wasn't really bored anytime throughout the whole journey because I had my buddy Jay Shetty with me, reading his book "Think like a monk" on audible. In his book one line resonated with me a lot. Well, many did but this is something I decided to write about.

This will be a new thing that I will be incorporating into my life. Though I used to follow it to some extent since I did not follow it through it never really showed its result.

There was this line in Chapter 6. It's actually the title of the chapter.

The location has Energy and Time has memory.

It's a bit difficult to understand it with just the line but let me paint you a context. What the author is trying to say from this is that when a task is done at a specified location, or in other words when you reserve a specific location for a particular task, that position helps you get in the right mindset to do it. This leads to more efficiency and helps bring you in a state of flow. The location gains energy which drives you to do that task. It helps your mind relate a place with a task and hence makes it easier for it to think in that particular mindset. Even giving each task one corner if you have a small room will help!

For example, If you make sure that you go on the bed just when you have to sleep then automatically whenever you will lie down on your bed you will feel sleepy, Hence it would help you to go to sleep faster. We tend to confuse our minds by scrolling through social media while lying on the bed, and hence a lot of people nowadays complain about bad quality sleep.


Talking about time having memory, To put it simply it talks about having a routine for a few tasks. This part tells us that doing a particular task at a specified time of the day makes it easier to perform at that time. If you are habitual of going to the gym in the morning, Going in the evening for once would make it harder for you to perform.

The author gave the example of meditation, which I related with. Personally, I meditate whenever I find the time. Which I did not realize made it difficult for me to focus. So from now on, I will fix a specific time of the day so that my mind is prepared for it at that time which would make the time I spend meditating more impactful.

So! The location has energy and Time has memory. If you are interested in adding meditation to your life, I welcome you to do it with me. If you are interested you can send me an e-mail at I will let you know about more info in the follow-up emails!

I am not yet sure how would that work, But having more people accountable for the task might make it easier. Starting a group online might be the first step.


Well, That was Day 15 of the 30-day challenge and we are halfway there! I am really happy this is turning out well. Thank you for reading these. I'll see you all tomorrow!

DAY (15/30)


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