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This needs a Bon Voyage!

I am finally writing this blog! A blog that I was anticipating since the release of the very first one. More than writing it, I wanted to feel this feeling as I had gotten a little taste of it during the later part of the lockdown. When for the first time ever, I felt like myself.

In the lockdown, I had gotten an opportunity to explore my passion in all sorts of ways. First, it was as a content creator, making Instagram videos, and later as a filmmaker with my internship.

Within that, I learned a lot and was made to unlearn a lot and this polishing of my skills made me happy and left me wanting more. Now, this exploration of my craft and my capabilities is what drives me more into the field I have chosen.

This is what I am excited about the most, I now get to do what I love. No backup degrees, no backup plan. Full-hearted, 100%! This is what I worked for all these years when I was proving myself to my family.

Though I’d be living with my parents atleast for a few years, I am still pumped for the added control I’ll have over my choices and my time. What that basically means is, that I don’t have to necessarily see if I have an important lecture or test the next day if a certain shoot takes more time. That may seem nothing in a sentence but my team knows how many problems we had to face during ceratin projects because I had my exams. Getting rid of that invisible pressure is what I look forward to. Struggled a lot with that in the past years.

For me, this is freedom in a real sense, when you have freedom over your time. When you have the choice to do what you want and when you want. Right now, I might not get that freedom completely, but that is one of the major goals I seek in life.

Alright, that was the fun daydreamy part of the story. Let’s get to the other side of the coin.

This new part in my journey is scary in a lot of ways, which is pretty obvious because I haven't selected the nicest field to work in. I don’t have anyone to guide me as such, I have to personally seek that guidance. I don’t know how long will that search be. Navigating through such a wild and vast field is a challenging thought but that’s where I have to bet on myself.

I talk about freedom like it’s a reward and it is as to experience the freedom we also have to let go of a lot of good things. Many times it all feels like a shot in the dark and those nights are hard. But you gotta believe in yourself and believe in it to all be a part of the process and carry on. I don’t want to distract myself from the difficult times with all the good that comes with it, But I want to live all of it.

Rejecting the bad times won’t make the good times come quicker!

It is going to be a bumpy ride but that’s only because I seem to have taken the road less traveled. I am up for all the bumps and jumps. While I am on this safari called my career, all I have to make sure is I don’t compare my journey to someone else. Having more bumps or fewer bumps, or more jumps or fewer jumps won’t decide the destination. All it decides is your ability to hold on and this is what I want to take from others in this similar journey.

Be inspired by everyone who’s like me, or doing better or worse.


This is my story and I am glad you are a part of it, by reading this you have made me a part of yours!

See you all next week!

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