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The Ultimate trick for staying consistent!

I have done many 30 day challenges, most of which I have brutally failed. Be it about making 30 videos, 30 animations, or whatnot. As I was on this amazing slip and slide of failures, I soon realized that most of the failures came under one category.

FITNESS! I could never complete a challenge when it came to fitness because there were so many rules! Can't do it just before dinner, can't do it just after lunch, can't do it just after bathing (I don't like sweating after a fresh bath), and many more absurd excuses I gave myself to not go through with it.

Well, guess what! I just finished a 30-day challenge that too under the fitness category!

(I am sure you saw that coming :P)

With all this covid situation around me and on top of it my super physical profession of sitting at a place and editing videos came with some fitness-related problems. I had to do something! So I decided to get up and stretch. That did not help. obviously.

That was the moment I took it up as a challenge! And did the most rational thing after it, I tweeted about it.

I later posted the same tweet on my Instagram story. Now, my main motive behind sharing this challenge in the first place was to hold the people around me accountable for what I was going to do so that at least that would make me a little serious about the challenge.

What later happened was something I did not even imagine!

30 people replied to the story saying they wanted to join as well. Initially, I was really confused about what was happening. I didn't know what was to be done. I kept my phone away and spent 5 minutes processing what to do. I decided to make a group on Instagram and added all those 30 people to it. I posted a little video about how this will be done. I was scared because I didn't know if I could manage if there is a lack of discipline and stuff like that. I was imagining all the worst things that could happen if I make this group.

Fortunately, Everyone was very good! We finished 30 days of the challenge smoothly! I am not sure if all the people who started made it till the very end but most of us did and I am super proud of everyone who even made the decision to reply to my story saying they were in!

What is Accountability?

For that, you can refer to this blog I wrote a while ago on this topic.

"How to use a bad thing in your favor to stick to habits!" (Don't go on the title XD)

The Lesson

When I decided I was going to tweet about the challenge I knew what accountability was. I had been using that technique to make sure I meditate regularly with a friend from college. However, this was different. I had never been so easily motivated to do anything. Every morning in these 30 days when I felt lazy I saw at least 5 members who already did the plank for the day. That gave me a certain boost to do it myself. Of course, there was also this element of me being the organizer of this challenge and I couldn't possibly give up!

(Few snippets of our journey!)

But the point being, I did a fitness challenge which I was never before successful in and most of the credit goes to all my friends who were part of that group. On top of the achievement that I felt for completing the challenge, I felt a certain amount of satisfaction that I made a few more people do it. I contributed a little to their health and fitness.

Next time when you plan to take up a certain challenge, try to find someone who is willing to help you out! That just makes the slow and tedious process of changing habits that much smoother and because of you, now that friend or family member is also following better habits!

I really want to thank all my friends who joined me in this challenge! I couldn't have done this without you all!


This made me realize the true power of social media if it is used in the right direction. I want to make sure I am a part of a community that gives utmost importance to self-growth. Be it mental, spiritual, or physical! That's the goal.


I really like writing blogs based on my experiences more than the ones based on thoughts (which are also sometimes interesting).

I hope this helped you in any way possible!


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