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The Reason I don't want to become successful!

If I had a chance to ask any successful person one question I would ask, "In your journey, what is that one thing that you know that others fail to realize?" I know this is a very vague question. But the person who I ask will understand what that means. I have come to realize one thing about successful people (happy and satisfied people), there is not a lot of difference between a normal person and them. Usually, the small difference is all about a particular mindset.

If we go to look at all the so-called successful people of the world and their lifestyle, None of them are just sitting around. They are probably working on their next goals and milestones. That doesn't mean they are not satisfied with their life or greedy for more success (this also could be the reason) but this tells us that they are passionate about their work. The work that brought them success did not end when the people declared them successful.

The great thing about success is that it has no definition.

Unless you search it in the dictionary, then the definition of success is "The accomplishment of an aim or purpose."

It turns out, success is a personal outlook. It's not necessary for a person to be a millionaire to be successful. There are so many millionaires who consider themselves failures. This shows that it's our mindset that makes us successful or a failure.

In other words, there is no final destination. If you achieve one thing, you are going to crave the next big thing. This constant chase in life will never stop. And I think it shouldn't. There is no other satisfaction in life other than the chase. That's what makes life exciting! If you imagine a successful life, you chilling on a beach, not worrying about anything then tell me one thing. How long do you plan to do that? and which successful person is currently doing that?

The chase must go on! Be it for your own growth or others. But then when will you be successful? in 10 years? in 20 years? When will be the morning when you wake up and say to yourself, I am a successful person!

The funny thing about success is that it has no definition. There is no board or jury that decides if you are successful or not. Simple as that. How about when you complete reading this blog you are successful? How about you seek your journey with the mindset of all the successes that you have had to come to this place?

I have decided that I don't want to become successful (Happy and satisfied). Rather, I have decided to feel successful right now. I have decided to feel happy and satisfied right now.

I mean who is going to question that? I am already a successful person, who is just chasing his next milestone. Sure, You can say I will never be satisfied with the amount of work I do because I don't look forward to stopping anytime soon. But I am satisfied with my journey so far and I am happy about it! And that is success for me!


This blog is one of those when the words came out in a flow. It seems like a very obvious thing when you read it as a whole but the message is pretty strong and I hope it resonated with you! I feel you are already successful, it's just that you need to realize it now!

I'll see you all next week!


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Abhay Karhade
Abhay Karhade
Jun 20, 2021

My , son. Well said. This is great gift for me on Father's day ..already feeling successful and happiest person on earth. I am happy to see that my young son made me feel satisfied, fulfilled and thus successful. Thanks for this treasure of wealth.


Well said

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