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The Real Reason you are NOT disciplined!

You are not disciplined because you don't want to. If you say you can't be disciplined it's only because you yourself are stopping that possibility. Let me explain!

There is a certain beauty about self-development and overall living a happy life. It all depends on one entity, YOU! You choose to be the way you are. It's a pretty obvious statement when you read it once but we never realize how impactful it is in day-to-day life!

I am a person who has a hard time being disciplined and I know why and that's why I have started working on it.

I am sharing my reasons here because I feel you might have the same and might not be aware of it, or you may be are aware but have accepted it either way. Which is even worse so read this one out and maybe you find your answer at the bottom of this blog!

Alright! Here it is!

You are not disciplined because it ain't socially COOL!

"What? nooo...That's not my reason", "I don't think so bro!"... Well, Bro! I am glad you are not aware of it, it's easier to work from here! And if you knew this was your reason, I am grateful for you to stumble upon this blog!

Why be disciplined when you can be socially cool!

Let's be honest, In today's world, waking up early is a rare scenario. Especially during the pandemic where we don't exactly have to be anywhere. Why did I choose waking up early as an example? Well, When someone decides to be disciplined, Waking up early is one of the first things they try to attain. Which actually makes sense. And I am glad people know that.

Let me tell you my experience with trying to wake up early. I am well aware of all the benefits of waking up early still, I couldn't wake up early for the longest time and you know why? Obviously, because I never could sleep on time. Now, why could I not sleep on time? This is where it gets interesting!

Fear of missing out!

Fear of missing out! Most of my friends are night owls. So everybody is online and available on chat after 11 pm. And I always thought I have to choose between waking up early and social life. My selected option was always my social life. We all think that social life is important, and it is. What we fail to realize is that those friends are there to support us.

If you have a clear goal and a purpose behind doing a certain thing no friend would feel bad for making those changes and also that you find other time in the day to talk to them. I am sure you knew this, I said it because this should not be your excuse to not do a certain thing.

Fear of standing out!

This is also kind of a big deal! This is something we have been experiencing since school life. People always tend to make fun of the person who is intelligent. We have been told by our parents they only do that because they are jealous. But guess what, everyone just ignored those lines. It's easier to fall down to their level than to keep yourself strong above. Everyone wants to be cool! Sadly, The age which is the most crucial part of a person's development is the age when being cool has most things wrong in its criteria.

We all think being different is bad because the majority is always right. For this, I'd say, If you are alone on a path that is full of good habits and with a purpose then be strong and believe in yourself. The only reason you are alone is that you are doing something different. You can't expect different results being exactly like everyone.


These 2 fears are the one which gave me a hard time being disciplined. The tasks that make you disciplined are not difficult but accepting that lifestyle is. To be disciplined, first, you have to believe in yourself. There are always going to be people that will hold you back, and it's easy to get distracted because after all, they are the normal people.

Just remember this,

You cant be ordinary and expect extraordinary results!

I feel these blogs are getting very direct. I really hope it helped you though! This is an aspect I really want to concentrate on when it comes to our generation. Our generation has the tools and resources like none before! You have a lot of potential! I hope this blog helped you get closer to your dreams! I would love to know your thoughts on this! Also if you have seen other fears regarding not adopting discipline let me know!

I will see you all next week!

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