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The myth about controlling our own mind.

Yesterday I tried to answer the question of Who controls our minds. We found that it was ourselves who are in control. The current generation or even any person of any age in today's times claims that it's hard to control our own mind.

This is true to an extent because the percussion strategies of social media and advertisement companies have gotten stronger. They make you feel you genuinely want something which you actually don't even need. Keeping up with the Joneses mentality has invaded each person's mind. But is it really true that it's difficult to control our own minds?

When it comes to controlling our minds and finding inner peace people see it as philosophy, spirituality, etc. Hence, People don't really give it much thought. They see it as abstract or subjective concepts that only spiritual gurus or monks can think about.

That's where the problem lies. Controlling our minds could be really objective if you see it that way. Let me ask you this one question first.

What do you think happens when you can control your mind?

The answer for most might be, We make better decisions, we become more mature towards how we see life, we don't let other people affect our mental health. Right?

The funny thing is, people seek to control their minds to gain all the above-mentioned abilities but nobody starts doing it in the first place. We want to control our minds to make better decisions then why do we decide to scroll through Instagram rather than read a book?

Why do we directly pick up our phones when we wake up in the morning rather than doing mindful practices so that we can have a fresh start to the day?

People who want to control their mind so that they don't overthink things, Why do we sit staring at a wall giving our brains a chance to even think about it rather than doing something that makes us happy, and shows us the positive things in life?

(I personally face this problem, but I'll definitely work on it)

Controlling our minds is all about making the right decision. Exercise or Instagram? A book or re-watching the same TV show? This is how a person controls their mind by making hard decisions because the world has just made it too easy and also okay to make the bad ones.

You control your mind and you can change.


These blogs are going deeper and deeper into the small things! I am enjoying sharing my insights on this. I hope you all also enjoy it! This was day 18 of the 30-day challenge and Can't wait for you to read tomorrow's blog coz it has an even deeper topic that is going to be talked about. I'll see you all tomorrow!

DAY (18/30)

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