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The Birds-eye View: The Good and The Bad

A bird, Flying high through the sky above a path on which traveling are two enthusiast hikers. Singing songs and walking along with the beats of the music. Carrying nothing but a bottle of water and a few sandwiches each. Not being aware of the fact that a bottle of water and a few sandwiches won't be able to save them from what's to come. While the bird flies gracefully above all and being aware of what's to come. An obstacle that would be difficult to overcome with what the hikers have brought with them. This could be a life and death situation. But the hikers keep walking one step at a time.

Being aware of what's to come and planning according to it has been a human thing for a very long time. Having a birds-eye view of what that event would look like gives us a good representation of what to expect and how to be prepared for it.


We are looking through the birdseye view or so as we think, But the thing people don't realize is that the bird is after all our own mind. We tend to have a birds-eye view of what we have in our experience and knowledge. The only reason why little kids are said to be full of potential because their way of picturing the future or their Birds-eye view doesn't have the touch of reality and its obstacles.


As we grow old we gain more and more experiences. And the path below us gets more and more clear and we tend to see all the reality and the negative parts too. Which is not a bad thing, it is what it is. But because of this realization, Some people stop to look from the birds-eye view. They feel stuck because they can't see beyond the difficulties and problems that have to be faced.

This is where having a birds-eye view really helps. It lets us know how to prepare for something, and mainly shows us the positive side of what you are currently doing. It motivates you to work Harder.


Though it easy to feel stuck and not have a birds-eye view it is also easy to be so impressed by the mirage of what's possible in the future that we end up being stuck in that zone. The daydreamers, This is for you. I am a solid daydreamer. I have wasted hours and hours of my life day-dreaming and not even 2% f it has turned to reality. I always had this plan of a certain future I want for myself, But as reality entered the room, I got uncomfortable and frustrated because nothing was going as I planned.

In the past few years, One thing I have learned in the most vivid way is that,

Life is not what I want, Life is what I make from it.

And that thought has forced me to be the hiker and not the bird. See, The narrative just mentioned the bird but the real purpose was to climb the mountain and that was after all done by the hikers.

The bird is a guidance tool, It won't get things done. But the more you work harder the better connection you will build with the bird and the better you will be prepared for what's to come. And your path will be that clear.

The Path is where we all have to be if we want to experience the richness of life. Talk to the bird now and then, But don't forget your main objective in life is to be the hiker!


Day 21 of the 30-Day Challenge. Do you think you are also stuck being the bird or the scared hiker all the time?

Or are you putting in the efforts of being the hiker on the path? Let me know!

I'll see you all tomorrow!


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1 Comment

It’s Nick
It’s Nick
Nov 25, 2020

Fun analogy!

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