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Questioning your passion? : Side effects of creative blocks!

So! It happened again! Went into one more creative block. The reason? Well, I took a project that was beyond my current skill set. Got overwhelmed and started to ignore it and ended up missing the deadline. I am still working on that project but I have the motivation to finish it. This time I did something different to come out of the creative block.

Initially, during creative blocks, I used to question my passion and dedication for my work. I would feel guilty for not being able to think properly because it made me feel I was not capable enough to be on this path. So creative blocks were like living nightmares for me. But now I have grown to understand that creative blocks are pretty common. The more creative blocks that I have been through the clearer it has got for me.

Creative blocks are like check engine lights in a car. They are the signal from your brain to slow down. Having this change in mindset helped a lot, but we still need a way out of the block!

So what Shall be done?

Simple, Let your brain rest. It's alright to miss a deadline by a day rather than feeling guilty of not feeling creative. Everybody has a different time span for creative blocks, but it can be reduced if you train your mind for it. It can be reduced but never removed, just like any other muscle even your brain needs time to relax.

So, to properly navigate through a creative block so that it gets over sooner, I have made a two-step process! Here is it!

Amey's Way of dealing with creative blocks!

STEP 1: Have a guilt-free break!

Understanding that the only way to get out of a creative block is through it, you'll realize there is nothing you can do but to take a break! That will reduce the guilt of wasting time (If you are like me). But what you do in this break also matters a lot. I would suggest doing something that is value-adding and something that feels meaningful.

For example: Spend the break day with family and friends, or maybe read a book or Do a course on something! Basically, avoid wasting your break time by binge-watching shows and basically mentally tiring yourself even more (I learned it the hard way).

The important part being, Do something meaningful and fulfilling!

STEP 2: Go do your thing!

I'd say a 2-day break would be enough if you spend it right. But when that is done, You need to avoid getting comfortable in that zone. So when the 3rd day comes, Make your stuff! If you are a writer, write! If you are a video creator like me, create! Because coming out of the creative block is all about pushing through! It's like walking in a swimming pool until you reach the ladder. It's tough and tiring, But it's equally rewarding! Once you gain momentum again, then you are back on the roll!

I am sure this will definitely work because creative blocks happen due to the exhaustion of our brain. But it stays for long because we let it.

Something to keep in mind!

It's really important to understand how common creative blocks are. Creative blocks are a signal from your mind that it's tiring because you are pushing your limits! which is actually a really good thing! So just like you relax and warm up your muscle before running a marathon...Let your brain have its prep time.

It took me a lot of time to realize that. I always used to question my passion when I went into such creative blocks. That just added to the overall negative thoughts and guilt in me. I never realized that I was always back on track soon enough. This means The creative block has nothing to do with my lack of passion. Don't question your passion. If you feel bad when you are in a creative block it just means that you are super passionate about the work you do!


I like sharing real-time information with you guys! "Amey's way of dealing with creative blocks" might change, but my willingness to find the solution won't! I really hope this helps you! If you ever try it let me know!

I'll see you next week!


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