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A small trick to increase your productivity!

After this little Diwali vacation, I am back on the desk. I feel refreshed and energized for all the projects that are lined up next! When I first turned on my computer today, The first place I went was to the app called "Notion" where I store my monthly worklist. It's not what I have to do but what I have already done in the past half a month.

This is a practice I picked up when I joined my internship last month. In this company, each editor/creator has a pip sheet (Performance improvement plan). The major purpose of this list is to see who worked how much and according to which the creators are guided on where they lack and what to improve. I liked the concept behind it but I saw an even bigger purpose for it in my life.

Looking at how it worked I instantly made a personal pip sheet. In addition to my work as an intern, I added all the personal things I did for my brand.

How it helped me?

I have always been a person who tracks his progress visually. I have always had graphs, calendars marked with crosses, personally made tabulated version to track things. When your progress is right in front of you it helps you stay motivated! Having them hidden in some book, Which might work for some, makes it less visible to our eyes hence we think less about it.

That's the reason people hang quotes on the wall to always think about it as they see it when they walk around the room. That's the reason I write my to-do list on a whiteboard that is hung just behind my monitor so that I can see it constantly.

I always had a way to track the small things but for tracking bigger tasks like what work I did required a more practical and organizational way. So I adopted the Personal PIP sheet. Now whenever I feel I am doing nothing, Or I feel less inspired to work, I just open up the PIP sheet and see how much work I have already put in the process. This gives me somewhat of a reality check to see the positive side. This has really helped me in the past 2 months.

Keeping note of your progress is the best way to realize it.

A lot of things are left undone because we don't understand how much we have progressed in it. Hence make sure to have your progress be visual and see the magic.


This was Day 16 of the 30-day challenge! I hope you guys get some values out of these blogs. I am not sure how these things work for you on an individual level. In this case, I am just like you, trying different things and seeing what sticks! If you plan to use this method let me know how it works. I'll see you all tomorrow!


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