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Mission relaxation: An Experiment by a workaholic

Is relaxation a myth? I am not sure how many people go through this but I don't know what the feeling of relaxation is like. I am sure there is something seriously wrong with me.

But me being me, I think this relaxation thing is something great and I need to tap into it. I really might get some good results out of it. Now, Don't get me wrong. I don't constantly work, I do take breaks from work but that's just basically to distract me from the work I was doing earlier. I don't feel calm as such after the break. So, there is a possibility that I don't know how to take breaks.

What my current break looks like!

First, I guess this is similar to most, I mostly turn to Instagram when I take a break. Scrolling through the feed, Watching other people's work, and if I did some good amount of work, clicking that Reels button! After watching random people dance, prank, and do the same godforsaken trend a millionth time I make myself stop and get back to work because guess what, I spent 40-45 mins doing that.

Or, I usually go on Netflix and watch a TV show because I am responsible enough to understand that I will spend more time if I watch a movie. And I end up watching 5 episodes.

Writing this is already screaming the solution at me. I need to change how I take breaks.

Since I am so unaware of what relaxation means I went ahead and read stuff about it...

Like this:

The New Master Plan!

After reading the article linked above, I understood that If I really wanna relax I not only need to distract my mind from the work but also my body.

Mainly my eyes!

So conditions for relaxing activity,

  1. Should not be at my editing desk

  2. Should not involve screens

  3. It would be even better if it requires me to move

Yeah, that's probably it...

Also, Lunch breaks and other eating breaks should also not be spent in front of a screen.

I don't necessarily wanna add a time limit to it. For the initial stages of this experiment, I want to give it time to become a part of my habit.

Relaxing Activities:

Before writing this blog I had listed down all the activities I could do to take a break. Some of them are obvious and some are personalized for me.

  • Drawing

  • Reading

  • Cleaning

  • Write an essay

  • Take a nap

  • Gardening

  • Dance

  • Exercise

  • Meditation

I might add more to this in the future but for now, I am going to start with these.

So, If you are anything like me, I hope this helps you out! This is an experiment because if I just adopt this like any normal thing, I'll probably not take this seriously XD.


I know this one seems a bit weird, but this is really a case for me and if you go through something similar, You ain't alone! I hope this helped you in some way. If you have any other activities that I can add to the list let me know in the comments!

If you haven't, do subscribe to the Blog!

See you next week!

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