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Mind Note#03: What is happiness?

This is somthing straight from my Personal journal.


Daily updates:


In these past few days, I have come to a realization.

Happiness is the measure of appreciation you feel for what you currently have.

The true way to become happy is to appreciate what you have. And well, I suck at it!

I understand that it's all about how you see things. But somehow I can't look at things in a positive way because I also know what I don't have. The thing with not having something is, there will always be a thing I'll not have. And even if I get what I want, the happiness from it would be as temperory and short lived as the importance of it when the next thing comes along.

I mean looking at happiness from this perspective makes it obvious that temperory happiness isn't the solution.

What could be the solution?

Maybe looking back to the time I did not have what I have today, will make me understand the importance of the present.

People usually feel sad because they lost someone or something, I mean who doesn't. The thing is we never try to look for what we gained from it. Sure, Those times were great but now you have more memories , experiences and stories to share with the people who are about to enter your life. These are those stories and experiences that you did not have a while ago!

In the end, It all comes down to how you look at things. It's not wrong to feel sad, but clinging to it is what makes it hard to live with. I know it's not easy to be positive, hell even I can't do it. I feel my brain is hard-wired to get sad and be negative.

But I also know if I work on it, I can re-wire it because there is nothing as being hard-wired. We are human beings and we are meant to evolve. Even if it's on a personal level.


This is something that popped in my head when I woke up this morning. Quickly wrote it down in my Journal. But while writing realised that this is something interesting enough to put on the blog (Most days it's literal updates on things and rants on how I suck at time management XD) So here it is! I hope you a got something out of this!

Have a productive week!

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1 Comment

It’s Nick
It’s Nick
Apr 18, 2021

this one reminded me of a quote from Ted Mosby, "you can't cling to the past. Because no matter how tightly you hold on... it's already gone."

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