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Mind Note #02: Who controls your mind?

This is a very common thought I tend to have. But it is just a thought. Telling this to someone else makes sense but when I get in a situation, Or a loop of overthinking thoughts even I can't ask this question to myself.

The question is simple. Who controls your mind? The right and obvious answer to that question is "you". You control your mind. All the decisions are taken by you, you decide what is to be done. You get to chose the actions. Then why do we sometimes feel helpless?

There are entities that sometimes trigger actions but in the end, isn't it just you who has to take that action? it's very easy to say, "I am a person who acts like that." But nobody can say this out loud that "I am a person who chooses to do that". In the end, it is your choice.

Your choices define you. Blaming a certain person or a thing or a pattern you have been following all your life is like going through life with a blindfold. Just reacting with the reflexes that have been ingrained in you. Making you feel like some things can't change. And hence making you feel helpless. We tend to live in an illusion of not being in control of our minds. But guess what, that isn't true.

YOU control your mind!

Other people and events tend to trigger thoughts but you are the one responsible to actually think about it.

I can write about this only because I was telling my friend about it yesterday. I am just like everyone in this case. I let other people and events get inside my brain. But typing my thoughts right now makes me feel a bit more confident that I will be able to deal with it better next time.

And just like any other muscle even our brain requires exercise. All this can get better when we learn to guide our own minds. Meditation is one of the tools that I am incorporating. If you face similar problems then you should give it a try too. Remember controlling your mind is literally like making a choice. I would definitely write about it in tomorrow's blog!


This was day 17 of the 30-day challenge. And I definitely feel writing is getting a bit easier for me. The thoughts are flowing way more smoothly. Thank you for reading the blog! This is an interesting topic for me, I hope it interests you as well. I'll see you all tomorrow!

DAY (17/30)

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