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Mind Note #01: Positivity in today's world

I didn't have any ideas for today's blog. I sat and tried to come up with one but things around me are so fast-moving and clustered lately I can't seem to get the hang of my mind.

This doesn't mean I am not thinking about anything. I am dwelling on a few things about our mind and it's working. It's nothing too technical it's something I feel is important for me. For most of you, it would be like stating the obvious but I find we as humans know a lot. We know all the answers but we are just too lazy to actually put it into action.

I am calling this article a mind note because it's just a train of thought, Along a path in a forest where I am basically just moving the branches to see what I can find. I am not sure what I will find but I know I will find something.

Lately, I have been thinking about positivity and why is it so hard to be positive. I personally feel I sometimes get very negative about the things around me. Overthinking, Over analyzing each and every thought that comes to my mind. Recently, I started to listen "Think like a monk" a book by the author Jay Shetty and in the very first segment of the book he talks about negativity. And this gave me a push to try solving things by being positive. Nowadays, people are said to be weird and annoying if they are positive about something. For example, 2020. A lot of us have suffered through it, yet if someone tries to show the positive side of the lockdown they are considered annoying. People have started to see positive people as un-Realistic.

"Oh please, don't always try to be so positive, Be realistic!"

Well, we have made not being positive as realistic. The problem with society is that, If the majority is feeling something, That's the right way to feel it. But what we fail to see is that the whole society is getting negative. People are getting less patient and more aggressive and apparently, now it's okay to say bad stuff in frustration about the lockdown coz why not everyone is saying it. Don't get me wrong I was definitely a person who has done many wrongs in frustration. I have said a lot of bad things. But in recent times maybe because of my surrounding I have decided to not feel that way. It's tough as my mind is programmed to think in a certain way.

I have nothing to prove or back my opinions on this, This is just something I feel. But if anyone of you readers wanna share your opinions do put it in the comments section.

This was Day 10 and out of all days, this one really felt like putting my thoughts to paper (screen). I hope my words make sense. See you all tomorrow!

Day (10/30)

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1 Comment

Nischal Kadel
Nischal Kadel
Nov 10, 2020

Even I needed some positive thoughts or energy since few days I guess I am not alone searching for it 🙂 atlast I guess it will have to come from within then getting it from others

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