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Jojo Rabbit: WW2 in Taika Waititi’s style!

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Director Taika Waititi’s style of humor was quite radiant from

Thor: Ragnorak. His style of filmmaking and his neat way to incorporate humor through characters and situations is shining through his latest film JOJO RABBIT which he directed and also played the role of Adolf Hitler. Yes, this movie set in the world war 2-period which follows a 10-year old kid who sees himself as a responsible nazi and has an imaginative friend, Adolf Hitler himself played by Taika Waititi. This film gives us an innocently humorous look at the situation during world war 2 in Germany through the eyes of a pro-Hitler 10-year-old kid played by Roman Griffin Davis brilliantly. The story follows his conflict when he finds out his mother, played by Scarlett Johansson, is hiding a jew girl in their house. The audience gets to be part of the conversations between Jojo and Elsa, the jew girl, played by Thomasin McKenzie, about how the nazi kids were taught things about the Jews. This movie touches a lot of amazing topics like the punishment given to the Germans for hiding jews, the Mother-son relationship in the families where the father is out fighting a war, and much more…

My favorite thing about this film was the character design of Adolf Hitler. Like to base a character on one of the most serious people in history but from a 10-year old kid’s perspective. And the decision of Taika Waititi to play the character himself was an amazing decision. As he said in an interview that it was the condition of the production house for him to play the role of Adolf Hitler. And it made sense later because if it was played by a big name actor it would have foreshadowed the amazing chemistry between Jojo and Elsa. Also personally I just loved watching Roman Griffin Davis (Jojo) on screen.

This film also casts some other talented actors like Sam Rockwell, Rebel Wilson, and Alfie Allen.

All in all this movie is a light-hearted yet contentful comedy and a ride from the opening credits to the end!

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