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How writing this made a huge difference in my life!

Doesn't it feel great to be constantly motivated by someone even if you fail at a simple task for the 100th time without being judged? That's my favorite kind of motivation because I usually suck at the easiest tasks. These easy tasks usually make all the difference.

So, I knew I needed someone who knows me very well! All my strong points and all my weaknesses. Not judge me when I fail at the same task the 100th time. So, I went to my mom.

That helps, but I do get scolded from time to time for making the same mistake. So I had to find someone else.

It turns out anyone that has emotions will get annoyed by my compulsive need for seeking motivation to do my work. So I went to someone who has emotions and feelings but has no option but to listen to me and find a solution. No, I can't afford a therapist yet! I went to someone I actually ignored in my day-to-day life.


It sounds weird I know! But Have you ever felt that you can give great advice to someone else but when it comes to applying it in your own life you just can't? I know I have all the solutions I need to solve a certain problem, I just never apply it to my own life because when I go through it, somehow I feel trapped in the problem and that wise part of me decides to take a leave.

I tried talking to myself in the mirror but I ended up going in the same loop again and again. That's kinda how my mind works. Walking through a forest seeing the same tree again and again and still thinking maybe the next time I'll end up somewhere else. That never happens. I needed to leave some breadcrumbs while I walk the path.

So I decided to write it out. When you write about your thoughts you give them a place to exist. You can always read the words written and understand where you come from and where you are heading.

Half the problems and dilemmas I face are solved by the time I finish writing about them. Usually, we face problems not because we can't find the way out but the fact that we fail to understand the problems.

I am currently conducting an experiment. I have been writing 2 pages in my journal every day since 1st January 2021. That's 80 days for writing. I have never been consistent writing journals. I never lasted more than 3 days. But last year, I took up the identity of a writer and a person who likes to write down his thoughts. That change in identity helped me stay consistent for the last 80 days and I am never gonna stop this and here's why!

How this helps me and why everyone should try it!

Helps in understanding problems.

Like I explained above! Half the problems we face are because we don't understand them. Writing my problems and dilemmas has helped me understand a pattern in which I react when facing a new problem. That has helped me categories the problem and have different measures prepared to understand and solve them.

Constant motivation!

For that part of me who is in constant need of motivation, writing a journal really helped! Whenever I am in the need of a boost, the writing in my journal seems like it was written by Gary Vaynerchuk. I motivate myself because the solutions I have are personalized for my own problems.

Makes me more positive.

Writing a journal has made me more positive. After the day's insights, I have a section called Gratitude. In this section, I write three things that I am thankful for. This has really made me appreciate the things that I currently have in life. More than the insight part I feel the gratitude section has made the most difference in my life. I highly recommend everyone should have a gratitude journal.

The Structure of my Journal!

This is something I made for myself, you can try this out too or modify it according to your needs!


The main purpose behind writing a journal for me is to understand that I am in complete control of what I am and what I do. I want to be friends with myself. I want my mind on my side rather than the one who makes me go the easy way. I am willing to take up challenges and I want my mind to be "Let's go!! Make it happen!" and not "Let's do what everyone is doing, why bother taking up challenges". Or something I always say..."I don't want to go on auto-pilot with my own life!".


I think I went a little heavy on this one. I hope you understood why! The 20-30 minutes that I invest daily in writing this journal has made substantial changes to my life. I want even you to take something out of it. And if you do write a journal I would love to know about your experience with it.

See you next week!

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