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How to start building a powerful writing habit! : DAY 2

The reason I wanted to start this challenge was to not overthink my blogs. You guys have no idea on what levels I overthink when it comes to doing something productive. For me to start doing something the stars have to align in a different solar system.

Now let me tell you, Waiting for the stars to align isn't the way to go. (*audience shocked at the obvious nature of that fact*) My goal with this challenge is to normalize the act of writing. I do write almost regularly but that is in my daily journal. You have no idea what kinds of ideas and thoughts I have written there. You know the good kind of ideas and thoughts. Something which can actually help someone going through a rough time. I have written those ideas and thoughts when I went through a rough time and I think people going through them will relate because my problems aren't any different from people my age. But I would definitely say that my methods of coming out of it are very different. Methods that not just solve the problem but channel into productivity and self-development.

For now, let's come back to writing. To start, I am focusing on making myself write. So if you are planning to read these regularly be ready for some not-so-great pieces of written words.

As for Day 2: I am deciding when is the best time to write. I am writing this at 7:30 am. I feel very fresh but the fear of approaching college lectures is distracting me. Maybe I should write a bit early tomorrow! Because to start building a powerful habit you need to create a specific time and location that encourages you to do that specific habit!

Let's see where this gets me!

I'll see you guys tomorrow!

DAY (2/30)

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