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How to be tired!

Hello! Welcome to the weirdest blog you will ever read in your life. This one is written by a person who is half asleep with major back pain because he was sitting on the same chair for more than 12 hours today. He definitely did a lot of work but surely has used up all his energy before he could get to this blog.

Hi! My name is Amey Karhade and this is a story of a very busy day. Woke up super early and the story of how I woke up is an interesting one. I'll save that for a different blog as I learned something new about myself. Which was really fascinating. I had college the whole day with a big presentation at the end of it. Spent most of the time preparing for it and when the time came performed pretty well. So yay! Later after college ended, I and my friends had an amazing group chat roasting our teachers. Ahh, college life! Later, got a message from my internship to make changes to a video for the third time! With a smiling face made the changes and sent it back. They were happy! So Yay! After that, realized it was Thursday and had to work on my youtube video. Already had an idea so went in and started working on it. Finished that, used new methods to make this one, and was so happy that decided to use the same method in future videos. Weird observation but felt that today was somewhat of a good hair day for me. So that's something cool. Later got one more text from the internship to work on a video so all the energy that was left in me I put into that video and finished it too. It was a pretty basic one so did not take much time but can't wait to get corrections on it. (Sad me noises). And after lying down on my bed to rest my rock hard stiff back for just 5 minutes realized had to write this blog. So here I am! Happy?

Wow! This feels really good. I guess you got a taste of how my Daily journal is like XD.

Also can't believe I wrote almost 2000 words with this kinda low energy. But either way, the words are rubbish. At least I did not break the streak! See you all tomorrow!

Day (5/30)

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