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How movies ruined your will to work hard!

I love movies. But this is an ugly truth I have to put out there. Biographical movies are great, you get to see and get inspired by the life story of truly successful and influential people. Which motivates us to work hard and do something remotely as great as them.

Now hear me out! Millions of people watch biographical movies, I am sure you have seen quite a few by now. Filmmakers who make those movies have a time span of 2-3hrs to tell the life story of that person. Now tell me if I am wrong but there is a certain template these films follow.

Early childhood (20mins) > Their circumstances on how they can't dream big (30mins) > They decide to dream big; The moment of realization (10mins) > All the difficulties they face after they decide (40 mins) > Low point in life when they lose hope (20mins) > They push through the pain, adopt a lifestyle of constant development, the point where they truly work hard and the time that actually makes all the difference in their life (5 mins montage, maybe a song like "Zinda" or "eye of the tiger") > The climax when the achieve what they dream of. (mostly with a lot of slow-motion, dragging it to the next 30 mins) > The End

Do you see my point here? I guess pointing it out made it way more obvious.

To become successful in anything, consistent hard work is the most important component. There is a point in everyone's life when they are on the right track, all they have to do is keep at it and focus on the slow growth they are going through.

Getting somewhere truly great takes time and that much effort. I don't blame the movies of course, because they do their job of inspiring us and give us that boost after we are done watching the movie. We should realize that the movies are like a summary of that particular person's life. Not their life as a whole.

What does it actually do to us?

In addition to the motivation and inspiration that it gives us, such movies indirectly make our subconscious mind used to INSTANT GRATIFICATION. The Caps are necessary because instant gratification may be the most vital cause for today's generation to not be consistent with hard work. We tend to lose hope very easily if things don't work out the way we want them to be. This may be due to the current state of social media where we get instant feedback on stuff, the likes and the follows and whatnot! (Damn, I sound so old XD).

If we really want to learn from the greats we need to understand that they had to go through constant hard work to get where they ended up. When it comes to self-development and growth, We need to have the marathon mindset rather than a sprint mindset. The output is slow but that is truly rewarding!

You gotta put in the time and the efforts! Keep at it and you'll see things change for good!

When you see a biographical movie next time, rather than the story, focus on the ideals and values on whom the film is made. Incorporate those values in your life.

I am currently in my 5 mins montage of life! And this montage may be just for 5 mins in the movie, but that could be any number of years of my actual life. I trust the process and so should you! Keep at it!


This blog was truly weird, it felt like I was bashing on the thing I love the most! MOVIES!

But I hope this blog reached you well. Something tells me that the world needs to start looking at slow growth more seriously! That always has been the true reason for the success of many and it will for many to come! Join the ride!

I'll see you next week!


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1 Comment

Nischal Kadel
Nischal Kadel
May 02, 2021

Really really thoughtful blog! can't agree less. Love how you think in a different perspective about small things in life.✨

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