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Getting into the habit of writing! : DAY 1

Alright! So I guess I had seen this coming. Just like my Youtube channel and the fact that I now make videos every week, I completely give the whole credit to the 30-day challenge that I did where I made one Youtube video every day. Now, I am kinda doing the same for Writing blogs now.

I feel, I also overthink writing my blogs. These blogs are supposed to be my thoughts put in words. But the fact that I find that difficult is just sad. Now, there is one more reason I don't often write blogs is that my English isn't my strongest skill. When it comes to writing I always thought that English should be on the next level! For some it might be true, But why should I stop writing my thoughts on the basis of the language? With more blogs I write, I might just get better at that part too! But the goal is two write at least 1000 words every day!

I know it might be difficult but making those videos was far worse and if I can get through that this is nothing! Now This is my first day of this challenge but if you also have a skill which you wanted to take up for a very long time but you just couldn't then this is the perfect timing coz you have a companion!

So this was Day 1 of the 30-day challenge of writing every day!

See you guys tomorrow! Cheers!

DAY (1/30)

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