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The numbers or the analytics are considered very important by new creators because nowadays popularity is measured by numbers ,be it subscribers or followers. Now, a lot of youtubers and Bloggers have brought up topics like this on how it affects the creator , And how the content gets manipulated just for the sake of it. Recently I got affected by it and realized the meaning behind it. Now, I don't want to write a whole book on it so i’ll only talk about my experience concerning this. Thus, you can say this blog is written completely on self-realization.


Okay, so the last video on my youtube channel was delayed by 5 days on the upload time,Why? Was it hard editing? Was it difficult to upload? NO! I struggled uploading that video because I had started doubting my own content. Suddenly I was not confident to upload my own video. I felt I wasn’t true to my content because I wasn’t doing what I am supposed to be doing. Let me elaborate.

ut humourous  bits throughout the video.I uploaded my third video which was “ 3 THINGS FILMMAKING CHALLENGES TAUGHT ME”. which had humorous stuff throughout the video. When I rendered it and saw it has a whole for the first time I felt a massive set back. I was more focused on the humorous bits rather than the main topic of the video.

“It was like I was bribing my audience to watch the whole video"

That’s when writing this blog came to my mind. First I was going to make a whole video about it but while I was writing the script for it I could not find a conclusion. I was struggling to find an answer to it. Witnessing a massive conflict in my mind. Which lead to massive procrastination and me feeling bad about myself when the solution was already present in my videos. It had suddenly struck me, What if I like doing comedy? Because whenever I made those humorous bits none of them were actually in my video script. All of those were spontaneous.Later on,talking to my friends I self-Analysed that making other people smile or laugh was in my personality. I like when people smile or laugh. Thus, I was feeling bad about something that was a part of my personality. Personally, I always thought comedy on youtube was too common and that’s just because it was liked by all and I wanted to do something different. Which made me think all this but even though I came out of this misconception , I learned a very important lesson from this episode of my life and that was..

“ It is important to stay true to yourself and your content, If you are creating something that’s not you then are you even creating?”

In my opinion, for a creator, platforms like Youtube and Instagram are a place to show their talents and showcase their personality and the right combination of that will take you to where you need to be. That’s the reason I admire the work of Casey Neistat and Peter mckinnon they show a true combination of skills and personality. And  what we are supposed to be learning from them is..

“Go for the content not the audience”

Every creator has to go through a rough patch of less views and continues struggle to be in a place they want to be. But you know what ,the place you think of being in is variable. If your goal is to create then guess what you are already doing it. Don’t care about the numbers ..Think of it in this way..

“ Do you think you have enough skills to be at a place you want to be?”

And if the answer to that is YES , which I am pretty sure won’t be the answer of  majority but if it is ,then either you are not using those skills properly or you are lazy to put it out!! And if you are a majority who have “NO” as an answer , I guess you know what to do next. Focus on those skills , develop them , keep creating, slowly but surely you’ll get to that place. And remember one thing!


Numbers are going to change, the algorithms are going to change but what would stay constant is your talent and your skills!

So keep creating and..


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