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Everyone is figuring it out: A MindNote

Today I realized something. Everyone is super complicated. A very human trait. All our lives we have seen people be linear with their actions. By linear I mean like they are on this straight path. Always something leading to the other in a very sorted way. That 'Xyz' person, Did this and then did that which led him to certain something.

Looking at that we compare ourselves. We see it through our complex minds—a mind which has its own unique beliefs, expectations, and opinions. Every step that we take there seems to be 'n' different steps we can take after that. This decision becomes a confusing one because we all have the fear of regret of taking this step and it leading to a failure because then avoiding that failure seems like just the other option we did not choose.

While we figure out our own path, we see the straight and not-so-complex paths of others. As humans, I feel we are always trying to be like someone else because somehow they seem more "Sorted out". They always seem to make the right decisions. Taking the right next step. How is it possible that I am here confused about what my next decision would be and this 'Xyz' person always seems to get it right and growing like anything?

There is a saying, "Never meet your heroes". I think that's exactly why. When we think of our heroes we imagine a human who has been made for what they are. Just perfect. We see their wins and yes we do see their failures but for us, the wins are what made them the heroes they are.

So let me put it this way. Everyone you know, Be it your heroes, your friends, or your family are human beings who are living this life for the very first time. The moment in time you look at them, they are living that moment for the very first time. Everyone is figuring it out.

It's about time we realize that everyone is going through something or the other. Everyone is figuring it out be it your hero or the person you feel has made it. This realization helped me in a lot of ways. It basically started working for me in a positive way and motivated me to work harder. Everyone is figuring it out but the people who figure it out faster and better seem to have their way. Basically proactive decision making.

But this is just the first step. Build on this in your own way.

This was just a Mindnote. Let me know if you have anything related to this topic that you want to share!

See y'all next week!

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