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Discipline is hard work!

This is an important topic to talk about. Something I vaguely talked about in last week's blog. When I was growing up the most illogical thing I found was the people who do the heavy lifting as a sport, And later people who go to the gym, screaming while picking up the weights. I mean, Excuse me, why are you putting so much pain on your body consciously? Are you for real?

The older I got the more I understood. Even heard the popular phrase "No pain, No Gain". I heard something similar in old movies, "Kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai". In the gym, you have to leave your current state and go beyond your current physical self to get fit. I am sure we all have seen it a lot of times in movies and heard in stories, our main character fights through their situation that the current life has brought on them. Usually, in these scenes we see the character in pain struggling to get out of their situation. We see them in pain! Just to see that by the end they win! The struggles payoff.

Sadly, Even though we feel like the protagonist in our own stories, we are stuck being an audience. Waiting for something to happen. There always have been people who had a hard time being disciplined. I feel the amount of those people is increasing every day because like I mentioned the reasons in the last blog... People's mindset on basic things is changing.

Pain is not good for you!

These days people think that anything that gives pain or seems too much work, is not good for them, or maybe their body and mind are somehow not designed to do such stuff. They are limiting themselves day by day as their bubble of the things they feel they can do is getting smaller. Even the people who want to do something big in life don't think very big because of these self-induced constraints.

People are getting really comfortable in their comfort zones because somehow it's the new normal. And to that I say, You are either wasting precious time of your life or you are really underestimating yourself. You are meant to do great things, but you are not ready to take action because you don't like to go out of your comfort zone. I can say this for sure because I go through that from time to time. What surprises me, even more, is people willingly not wanting to be disciplined. This aspect of not wanting to be disciplined is a topic in itself. I'll elaborate on it in a future blog.

Right now, Let's clear our misunderstanding with the term discipline!

What can be done to change this mindset?

Yes, being disciplined is hard. Maybe the hardest thing for an average person of this generation. It takes a lot of effort and yes there is a lot of pain, Mostly not in the literal sense unless you are training to be an athlete or something similar.

The true way to embrace discipline is based on your perspective of the pain. Embracing the pain will help you get disciplined. Seeing that the pain that we feel is a sign from our mind that we are going beyond our comfort zone. Because...

Success lies outside of your comfort zone!

This is a tough thing to incorporate because I have come to realize that shifting mindset is tough and a long process.

What has worked for me is taking very small steps like:

  1. Picking up small habits like journaling, meditation, exercise, etc.

  2. Maintaining streaks (not the Snapchat kind XD) of good habits.

  3. Trying out new things like learning a new language.

These are some things that have personally worked for me! But something that I still strive for is waking up early in the morning. That's my current focus.

Being disciplined is something that is painful in the present but extremely beneficial in the longer run. Or as famously said by Louis Zamperini, Famous olympian and WW2 veteran,

One moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.

I have been thinking about this for a while now. I see this mindset growing day by day where people have a very misunderstood idea of discipline. I want to do my part to try and help out. I will write more on this topic in the coming future with more innovative ideas!

I hope you see my direction and this blog gave you some insights on discipline.

Think about it!

See you all next week!

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1 Comment

Nischal Kadel
Nischal Kadel
Jul 04, 2021

After yesterday's video can't wait to see this one in action 🤣🤣

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