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Conflict due to excitement!

This is gonna be a fun one! And be rest assured this is not gonna be value-adding in any way. Since the last week, I have been brewing up an idea. This is a video idea. An Idea that is going to challenge all my skills and I am pretty sure getting the results for it is gonna take a long time. I just know!

Me, when I am excited!

But if it works even at 80% of the level I am imagining it to be then I will be pushing the bar of my creation way high! I am super excited to start working on it. Today is the day I shoot the first trial scene just to check how difficult it is to make. I have to take a lot of things into consideration to just start shooting. But It's gonna be awesome!

So! Amey, What does it have to do with today's blog?

Good question!

Well due to all the excitement for that video I was unable to come up with a topic to write about today. All I can think about is that video!! So decided might as well share my excitement with you all! Do pray that I do this! it would mean a lot!

P.S. The difference between my blog tone and my normal tone is that normally I use a lot of "!". It's a weird habit that I picked up I am not sure from where.


Alright! Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a productive day! I'll see you all tomorrow!

This was Day 27 of the 30-Day Challenge.


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