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Break day!

First of all, Happy Diwali guys!! So decided to take a break from writing today! Firstly because I am surrounded with my relatives so there is this fully festive mood around me! Times are so busy right now that today I am writing this blog on my phone .

Secondly! Having a massive headache so can't even look at the screen much! But gotta write the blog! I hope you guys are having a good time with family and friends this Diwali!

Being on a break with no to-do list seems very weird now. Yesterday though I met up with my relatives I still had to do my assignments and stuff.

Today there was nothing! Did a little work for the internship but that was it. It was something different but felt nice!

Now don't waste your reading this, and go spend time with your families! Because you will never run out of the work you do, but you will lose time that you can spend with your loved ones! Keep your phones away and enjoy these moments! I'll also go now! XD

This was Day 14 of the 30-day challenge and I can't see the number of words but I guess these were around 1000! Happy Diwali!

DAY (14/30)

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1 commentaire

Nischal Kadel
Nischal Kadel
14 nov. 2020

Take care bud

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