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Action-Reaction: A super-fast phenomenon!

In one of the previous blogs, I tried answering the question of who controls your mind. We talked about how external events and people tend to trigger our thoughts which leads us to think in a certain way.

Why do we say that people trigger our thoughts? I mean even I have been in positions when I was thinking in a certain way because a particular person made me think like it. I was blaming that person who triggered the thought. When after all it was me who was thinking about it while that particular person had moved on with their life.

Thinking in a certain way due to an external entity is also a kind of reaction. But thinking is also an action, which we control. What I am trying to say here is, As a reaction to someone else's comment, we initiate an action of thinking. Be it being angry at them, feeling guilt, etc.

And this whole action-reaction phenomenon is super fast. So fast that we think it's caused by the other person completely. We forget that there is also YOU in the middle of this phenomenon. A controlling entity.

If we are conscious of our thoughts and values in that particular reaction time it makes all the difference. Monks have a different level of control when it comes to these situations. They have trained their minds to be present especially when they are in such a situation. That's the reason when monks talk about things they take the required amount of time because they are aware of the consequences of spoken words.

When people say "You should have the presence of mind" This is what they refer to. "Think before you speak"." Learn to listen."

A good listener is not the one who just keeps quiet when the next person is speaking. A good listener is, who takes in all the information without any judgment and then processes it properly before giving a reply. Don't listen while you wait for your turn to speak. Listen to Listen... (I would like to write a blog on this XD)


A very abstract topic but one which is very close to my personal experiences. I hope you understand the importance of this phenomenon. I am trying to work on it myself. This was Day 22 of the 30-Day Challenge! And I'll see your smiling faces tomorrow!

DAY (22/30)

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