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A letter to my 30-year-old self.

Dear 30-Year-old Amey,

So I am finally doing this. I know we both thought to do it when we turned 18 but you now how procrastinating our 18-year-old self was. Now I am 20 and more than the time I am happy that I found the courage to do this. I am addressing myself who is 10 years older than me. A version of me who knows me more than I do right now. I am actually very glad I did not make it earlier because that had a lot of materialistic questions and subjects to talk about. Now, I feel I am at a place where I understand what I want in the next 10 years.

So here it goes.

I really hope you are happy. If not I hope you are actually working towards it. And realize that happiness is not in the destination but in the journey itself. I hope you have positive people around you who are motivating and inspiring you to be better. I hope you value relations with people and don’t become an extreme workaholic because its the memories that are gonna make you feel fulfilled and nothing else. I really don’t want to talk or ask anything more.

I am sure you know why I wrote this letter to you. We are the kind of people who can’t stop thinking of the future. Everything is extremely planned and sometimes it’s good but most of the time it’s really not. And I want to change that about me. So this letter is for you as an Amey who has stopped planning so much in the future and has learned to live in the present. At least I hope expressing this will make sure that I don’t have to worry about you as you are my tomorrow which is the result of my today. I really hope even you have this mindset and I didn’t let you down in these 10 years. I am doing the best of my capabilities so that I can be you.

Whoever you are.

Your 20-year-old self,


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1 Comment

It’s Nick
It’s Nick
Sep 15, 2020

this is so nice!

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